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How A Strategic Marketing Funnel Is Like A First Date

Imagine being on a first date and hearing, “Nice to meet you. Will you marry me?” Would you answer, “YES?” Probably not. Relationships progress over time. You get to know the other person, listen to them, see how they act, and read what they write. You decide if you like them and if their words resonate with your feelings and values.

As time passes, you develop trust. You check for consistency and identify any change in messaging. Eventually, you might make a commitment and say yes to the proposal.

will you marry me sign
A Strategic Marketing Funnel Is Like a First Date

Marketing your business is like dating. You carefully develop rapport with your prospects, offering value and showing your expertise until your audience is ready to buy. A strategic marketing funnel is essential to take your prospects on that digital journey, converting them to clients and increasing your sales.

Three essential tools for attracting and enticing potential clients at the top of your marketing funnel are a compelling landing page, an irresistible lead magnet, and an intriguing email welcome sequence.


Many people direct prospects to their website. If you send someone to your website with all the pages and buttons to click, it can be overwhelming. You leave your prospect with too many options, causing “analysis paralysis.” Should your prospect click to book a call, sign up for your newsletter, or follow you on social media? Your prospects can’t decide what to do, so they do nothing.

Just as a first date sets the tone, a landing page acts as your opportunity to create a positive initial impact. Positioned at the top of your marketing funnel, it serves as a platform to direct the conversation toward a specific goal of your choosing. Potential leads who heard about you from social media posts, networking events, or referrals see the precise content you want them to view.

You might want potential clients to register for a webinar, watch a video, take a quiz, or download a document. In exchange for giving you their name and email address, the prospect will receive something of value you provide.


While your landing page encourages action, your prospects seek something valuable: your lead magnet. The lead magnet can be a document, checklist, or spreadsheet that prospects use to solve a specific problem. It should be enticing and irresistible.

The lead magnet is like the conversation you have on your first date. It’s a sample of who you are, what you offer, and how you improve your clients’ lives.

Perhaps your prospect is interested in buying a home and wants to avoid additional fees. Or they need photos for their website but aren’t sure what clothes to wear for the pictures. Maybe your prospect wants information on creating a winning LinkedIn profile. Your lead magnet provides a solution and shows your prospect a small taste of your knowledge.

Offer a lead magnet that is easy to consume, simple to implement, and creates a quick win for your prospect.


You had your first date, and now you want to continue the conversation and share more information.

Your prospect downloaded your lead magnet and provided their name and email address so you can implement an email welcome series. Through the emails, your potential lead learns about you, your expertise, and the value you provide to solve their problem. You might include an email demonstrating how you have successfully helped clients.

Your emails may contain a small request or call to action, such as reading a specific blog post on your website or watching a video to reveal additional information about who you are and what services or products you provide. At the end of the series, you could include a more significant request, like signing up for a free call, buying a low-priced item, or joining a paid membership.

Regardless of whether your prospect takes the desired action, they are on your email list, allowing you to nurture them consistently until they’re ready to purchase.


Like a first date, at the top of the marketing funnel, your potential leads are starting their journey with you. They are beginning to learn who you are, what you offer, and how you can solve their problems.

An irresistible lead magnet, compelling landing page, and intriguing email welcome sequence will give your prospects a taste of your expertise and welcome potential clients into your world. Then, you can nurture them consistently with emails.

Let your first impressions make a big impact where you set the stage for future conversations, leading prospects to become paying clients.


Meet the expert:

Annette Mashi is a magical copywriter and content strategist who assists female business coaches, consultants, and service providers by writing enchanting content to increase their visibility and attract clients they really want to work with. Escaping from an international corporate high-tech company, she's been casting spells for individuals and companies looking to stand out and tell their unique stories.  With her mystical process, she captures your authentic voice, so her writing resonates with your readers as if it were conjured by your own hands.

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