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A Community Mastermind Created Exclusively for Women Business Owners Who Want to Build Their Network While Replacing Their Confusion and Excuses with Focus and Profitability.

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Let's get you out of the dark
and on a path of clarity and success.

  • Feeling frustrated and undervalued despite your knowledge?

  • Battling financial constraints? Unsure how to price your products/services?

  • Feeling like you are navigating your entrepreneurial journey without adequate support?

  • Feeling like you are lacking guidance or direction?

  • Uncertain how to promote or network your business?

Her Nation Club Provides You With...

More Respect

Empowering environments where women step onto virtual stages, host workshops and hone in on their skills in order to gain the respect they deserve in the business world.

More Clarity

Receive valuable insights and strategies to overcome challenges and elevate your business with confidence.

More Money

Break free from stagnant sales and unlock your true revenue potential, with proven strategies and guidance tailored specifically for women by women.

More Support

Instantly expand your network with women who are passionate about collaboration and creating meaningful connections that open doors to endless opportunities.

We are dedicated to establishing a strong network of women business owners, giving you the exposure and business insights you need at every stage of business.


Exclusive connection to virtual networking events and educational workshops.


Get your burning business questions answered in our 90-minute weekly masterminds.


Direct access to podcasters around the world.


Secure your H Club membership for as low as $19/month. No required long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.


Connect to our highly engaged 24/7 online platform.

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Access to the network Sabrina has spent the last 7+ years building.

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Opportunities to share your expertise with Her Nation digital magazine.

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Workshop recordings so you can go back, review and most importantly, implement.

The most affordable women's mastermind ever assembled. Start your journey with us today for as low as $19/month.

These faces are so excited to meet and network with you.

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600+ women featured on our talk show, spotlighting their brand and expertise

Virtual networking and workshops aimed at helping you dominate your niche

Strategy and mastermind sessions designed to keep you profit focused

Access These Exclusive Offerings When You Join H Club Today!

Offer #1: 

Flatten Your Learning Curve With our Community MASTERMIND


Throughout history, many of the world's most successful individuals have attributed a significant portion of their achievements to the support, guidance, and inspiration found within mastermind groups and communities. From Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich' to the modern-day endorsements of figures like Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo, the consensus remains clear: success is rarely achieved in isolation. 


At H Club, we are committed to cultivating an environment where women entrepreneurs can thrive. Our mastermind is a transformative journey designed to bolster your confidence, accelerate business growth, and provide the framework necessary for sustained success. 

Offer #2: 

Massive NETWORKING Opportunities with Big Thinkers


We recognize the vital role networking plays in entrepreneurial success. Through our networking events and community gatherings, you will have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and foster meaningful relationships. 


Week after week, you will gain access to a wealth of opportunities, from discovering potential business alliances to receiving valuable referrals from around the world. It is your time to start connecting with podcasters, stages and people in the know. 

Offer #3: 

Turbo Charge Your Business with our 24/7 Online Community CHAT SUPPORT

Unlock the power of round-the-clock connectivity with our private, H Club Members Only 24/7 Online Community. This platform offers unwavering support, engaging conversation, and a secure environment for sharing and learning. 


In today's fast-paced world, having access to a dedicated space for continuous collaboration and knowledge exchange is essential for staying ahead. 


AND....our platform gives us access to each other through our desktop and mobile phone app!


Offer #4: 

Dominate Your Business With Weekly WORKSHOPS  


We offer you structured business and sales workshops to strategize, troubleshoot, and stay accountable in achieving business goals. 


H Club provides multiple workshops every week, specifically tailored to empower you in setting up your businesses correctly. Through expert guidance and hands-on learning, our workshops instill the confidence needed for you to thrive and succeed.

Offer #5

Experience Continuous Accountability with our Business Blueprint Course* 

This comprehensive program lays the foundation, framework, and systems necessary for long-term growth and expansion. It covers everything from setting up essential tools like email systems to crafting effective networking scripts and developing strategic social media content plans. 


With over 60 actionable steps provided, the Business Blueprint sets you up to ultimately elevate your confidence as a business owner.


*This extensive course is included in the Tier 2&3 membership. 

Offer #6

Gain Visibility Through Our Talk Show, Panels, Events, and Her Nation Digital Magazine*

For business owners, visibility is paramount in establishing authority, attracting clients, and fostering growth. Our platform provides a springboard for you to showcase you expertise, share your stories, and connect with a broader audience


Through participation in our talk shows, panels, and events, you will amplify your voice and seize opportunities for collaboration and advancement


Her Nation Digital Magazine* offers a prestigious platform for members to showcase their voice  and insights. At H Club, we're committed to providing these invaluable perks as part of our membership, empowering women entrepreneurs to shine brightly and achieve their full potential.

*Her Nation Magazine contributor offers are included in the Tier 2&3 membership.


And so much more....

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Michelle Lee Myrter
Sales Coach

'I love what you have created for us and all the women you are helping.'


Emily Tosoni
Instagram Strategist

'You're Amazing Sabrina!'


Dr. Hynd Bouhia
Professor, Author

'Your platform is amazing, I love what you have done with it!'


Nadia Ibrahim-Taney
Career Coach

'{Sabrina} is leading a community of people, creating an environment where women can thrive.'

Choose the H Club membership that is right for you.

Three Tiers

You can cancel at anytime.

Sabrina Victoria is a TEDx speaker, creator of Her Nation, Her Nation Magazine and host of Her Talk Show. Also founder of The Business Blueprint.  

With over 20 years of experience in sales, recruiting and marketing. Sabrina has done everything from door to door sales to strategically setting up sales and marketing strategies to increasing online sales. Her expertise has contributed to the development and growth of multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses, cementing her reputation as a team builder, strategic thinker and planner of business and growth.


Using her past experiences Sabrina has created a supportive and educational ecosystem where women find the resources and community they need to thrive in their growing businesses. Offering mastermind sessions, networking events, and business growth workshops tailored to support women on their entrepreneurial journey. 


With her platform, she has highlighted the journeys of thousands of remarkable women, while also being featured on more than 160 multimedia platforms and stages, herself, including the esteemed TEDx stage.


‘We're not just women who own businesses; we're women with thriving businesses.’ - Sabrina Victoria 

What Are They Saying?

Are you still scrolling?

Let me be straight with you.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain...

There is absolutely
no catch whatsoever!
(pinky promise)

No required long term contract... cancel anytime...

Did you know that some masterminds cost between $10,000 and $50,000 a year?
I want more women to have access to the great things a mastermind can offer, but at a much lower price.
That's why Her Nation Club is here, dedicated to making sure its members get noticed. We're here to help you get your business organized and running smoothly, just like you've imagined, with all the support you need.
We know it can be overwhelming,
but you don't have to do it alone anymore.

Join our mastermind community and
bring your business to the next level today.

Our first tier mastermind starts at just $19 a month, and there's no long-term commitment.
This is the community and coaching you've been searching for.

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