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Attention Women Business Owners

Ignite Your Success and Supercharge Your Network by Joining This Powerful Community

Tap into a Wealth of Knowledge, Break Through Barriers,
and Achieve Unprecedented Growth

How does H Club help with the top 3 challenges that women business owners deal with? 

More Respect

Empowering environments where women step onto virtual stages, host workshops and hone in on their skills in order to gain the respect they deserve in the business world.

More Money

Break free from stagnant sales and unlock your true revenue potential, with proven strategies and guidance tailored specifically for women by women.

More Support

Instantly expand your network with women who are passionate about collaboration and creating meaningful connections that open doors to endless opportunities.

Quite Possibly the FASTEST Growing Community for Women's Business Owners

And we INTEND to continue to expand

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600+ Women Showcased

Monthly Panels

Co-Ed Networking Events

160+ Media Outlets

Weekly Workshops

24/4 Online Community

5 Reasons Why You Need to
Join Her Nation Club

Elevate your success, influence and connections

Reason #1: 

Flatten Your Learning Curve FAST


Our dynamic community offers more than just information—it's a strategic powerhouse for women business owners.


Join our weekly Mastermind events and unlock the Diamond Blueprint for business clarity and structure tailored to your brand's needs. Embrace the freedom to set your own priorities and learn from women thriving in the same journey. 


Our 90-minute masterminds, 60-minute networking sessions, and workshops deliver actionable steps to propel your business forward week by week. Step into a space where learning is efficient, personalized, and powerful—empowering your business journey like never before.

Reason #2: 

Massive Networking Opportunities


Surround yourself with BIG thinkers that are investing in their business and want to meet you. 


Forge deep connections, collaborate, and unlock new opportunities together.


As you network week after week you will gain tremendous opportunities to reveal new business alliances and referrals from around the world. 

Reason #3: 

Turbo Charge Your Business, Income and Life

No more uncertainties or endless searching during your business journey! 


With the empowering guidance of the Diamond Blueprint, you're not just saving time; you're accelerating your income growth with confidence. 


Imagine seamlessly learning how to structure and organize your business while having access to a powerful mastermind of women for feedback and celebration of your wins. This dynamic community set-up was created specifically to have your business soar faster and stronger.


Reason #4: 

Discover How To Dominate Your Business


Learn to ask for what you need and WANT, by blasting through self-doubt and fear that has been holding you back.


Tap into a collective strength to get visible and take bold action.


Learn modern day practices around social media, website design and branding. 


Dive into NEW strategies to increase your sales and marketing.


We are looking to become a GLOBAL movement and are looking for ladies like you who are looking to RISE with us! 

Reason #5: 

Experience Continuous Support

Access to a private, H Club Members Only 24/7 Online Community for support, conversation and a safe space to share and learn. 


Exclusive invites to attend and host workshops that promise to sharpen your presentation and business skills. 


Cultivate your public speaking skills and perfect your elevator pitch through repetition. 

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Michelle Lee Myrter
Sales Coach

'I love what you have created for us and all the women you are helping.'


Emily Tosoni
Instagram Strategist

'You're Amazing Sabrina!'


Dr. Hynd Bouhia
Professor, Author

'Your platform is amazing, I love what you have done with it!'


Nadia Ibrahim-Taney
Career Coach

'{Sabrina} is leading a community of people, creating an environment where women can thrive.'

Choose the H Club membership that is right for you.

Three Tiers

You can cancel at anytime.

What Are They Saying?

Are you still scrolling?

Let me be straight with you.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain...

There is absolutely
No Catch Whatsoever!
(pinky promise)

No required long term contract... cancel anytime...
(But you won't because this group of ladies is
EVERYTHING you have been looking for.) 

Enough of the small talk

Click the link below and JOIN the fastest growing women's business club on the planet. Filled with women waiting to meet you, network with you and EXPAND your business to the next LEVEL.  >>>>

....Or... don't - and instead continue to hide away in your office watching the hours go by as you sit in a constant state of loneliness and overwhelm... while drinking endless amounts of coffee trying to be your own hype-girl ALL BY YOURSELF.

On Second Thought,
That Sounds Awful. 
How about you JOIN this Business Building Club Today?

Unleash your Potential, Multiply your Wealth, and Crush your Limitations.
Join these women and so many more on an exhilarating journey of growth transformation and unwavering support. 

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