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Your Pace Impacts Your Peace

​​​​As I navigate each day with more intention, I have found the pace I set, initiates a ripple effect.

For so long, my perspective of solution was wrapped around the ease of my days being solely based upon what was added to my schedule or the order of the time blocks. Then the realization surfaced, showing though the what and the order are important, these are not the only determining factors to how the feelings flow moving throughout the day. The feeling of ease - of peace, is also deeply connected to the pace of how I honor both my ambition and the need for rest.

When I was younger, my grandmother would say – Slow down Sierra just take your time. 

But I didn’t listen.

I felt I needed to race. It was a constant inner push and pull. I needed to get things done, and fast. 

And I did. I accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  Early graduation, completion of degrees. Everything at an accelerated pace.  Part of it honored my dreams and felt right for me, but the process of my approach had an impact at the time I couldn’t see.

So I moved fast and it came with a price.

The price of conditioning to a pace that was not sustainable. The price of constant pressure that resulted in stress and anxiety. And defaulting to a yes to everything and everyone. The conditioning of always moving instead of slowing down, to pause long enough to listen. 

I learned to cope with applying rigid structure and time blocks. It works if you work at it. Until I still ended up drained. Believing this structure was boundaries to keep things in “balance”. However this only led to more stress because if something didn’t go just so at an exact time then it was overloaded. 

So this too was not a long term time management strategy.

Through trial and error, many years of pushing and shoulding myself due to an internal belief I had to perform a certain way, I’ve learned that slowing down is more.

woman walking in ocean
Are you stepping into peace?

More flow.

More ease.  

More presence.

More discernment.

More spaciousness.

More emotional and mental capacity.

She is no longer earthside, but with an intentional pace I can still hear my

grandmother’s voice, in my head, all of these years later. 

Now I listen…. 

I slow down to pause, I can hear the inner knowing - my sacral yes and no.  To really hear my body when it is energized or tired and does or does not want to do something. All of this allows me to journey on my own accord. Actions are not rushed nor decisions made hastily — the pressure is released. The shift is in the body and there is a deep impact on my level of joy.

Yes, the to do list still exists, as it always will. Intentional navigation allows me to re-frame the traditionally attached “shoulds” and “have to’s”. The heaviness dissipates through tuning into my body and I honor each yes and my no. Sometimes I do progress quickly when it’s aligned to do so, after I find the power in the pause — allowing myself to listen, rest, and then resume. 

Deconditioning has been a huge component for shifting the internal narrative around time management and my personal pace. Human Design is an impactful tool to provide supportive guidance for cultivating a pace to honor your aligned rhythm. As layers of my essence are discovered and experimentation with embodiment progresses, I am empowered to craft an aligned flow. As I honor my own pace I generate deep peace – and you can too. 

Your pace impacts your peace.

And when at peace, there is spaciousness for alignment.

Operating from a place of alignment allows for productive results, as well as effective  communication to build stronger relationships. There is clarity that accompanies alignment to see: 

  • What is ours to solve or help with

  • What are our strengths to bring to a situation,

  • How to communicate our needs and when to ask for help

  • When and who to say no to, and how

  • And that everything will be completed right on time

Rushing and moving fast, operating as if everything is urgent and emergent, can stifle you. No matter how many boxes you check. It can keep you from feeling an inner connection to self which disconnects from trust. And if you cannot trust yourself, you are unable to trust others or situations to align and as a result you may operate from a place of fear. Simply because the pace is too fast to connect to inner knowing.

A slower pace is liberating.  Positioning you for deep growth and understanding, positioning you for more.


Meet the expert:

Sierra Henley Ashburn with Her Nation Magazine
Sierra Henley Ashburn | Amplified Innovation

Sierra Henley Ashburn, a Virtual Operations Strategist & Integrator and the passionate founder of Amplified Innovation - an operations company that partners with female leaders and their teams.

Her zone of genius is crafting strategic, well-defined operations plans and helping leaders execute tasks to cultivate a business to align with the essence of who they are, their vision, and desired lifestyle — without self sacrifice. 

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