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Empowering Change: A Journey Through Health, Purpose and Collaboration

Have you ever found yourself wondering, 'What is the point of all this?' I have been in that place, searching for my purpose. As time passes, I recognize that life encompasses more than just individual goals. We seek deeper, more meaningful connections that offer fulfillment and create a lasting impact.

As a global leader with an actuarial, consulting and business background, I advise healthcare and wellbeing companies to pinpoint and address unmet needs, crafting and rolling out impactful solutions that yield measurable and relevant benefits for employees and employers. Drawing on over 15 years of experience in formulating and applying protective measures for employees, I've noticed that many health and benefits providers fall short in preemptively tackling health risks or convincingly showing how their interventions enhance health, wellbeing, and performance.

My approach promotes a culture of compassion, trust, and meaningful impact, emphasizing the importance of diverse skills and perspectives over traditional views of cultural heritage and disabilities.

My aim remains to enrich lives through impactful, measurable, and accessible health and wellness programs in the corporate sector.

About two years ago, I was on the cusp of professional burnout. It wasn't due to the long hours; I flourish when contributing to something larger and positively affecting others' health, as well as supporting my team. The challenge was finding a space where I felt free to innovate and where corporate actions aligned with my values. This was my wake-up call.

What was my response? I took a pause, building a new path with many helping hands -

mentors, family and friends. 

woman with folded hands with Her Nation Magazine
Pause with Intellectual Humility: By asking, “Why not?” to embrace openness.

My path to healing and impact unfolded as I aligned my professional pursuits with my core values and mission. This alignment sparked the creation of 'Health at Work & People', a social impact initiative stemming from my experience and advisory work. This platform is a collaborative effort offering actionable insights into health and wellness issues affecting employees, covering areas like mental fitness, burnout, women’s health, menopause, inclusion, obesity and chronic illnesses. It aims to empower employees with the knowledge they need to transform their health, thus fostering sustainable business growth. To date, I've teamed up with over 100 health experts and industry leaders, making a difference in the lives of more than 300,000 individuals.

How can we all benefit from ‘Health at Work’ collaborations? Let’s take menopause as an example. By 2030, it's projected that 1.2 billion women globally will be going through menopause, with 47 million new cases each year. Faced with stigma, lack of knowledge, and gaps in care, this life stage presents significant challenges for many women. ‘Health at Work’ collaborations go beyond sharing personal stories and expert insights; they provide a crucial platform for advocacy. Key questions answered: What are the costs—both financial and human—when menopause is overlooked at work? How can employers prevent the loss of valuable employees at the peak of their careers? And as a community of women, how can we embrace and support each other through this phase of life?

As the 'Health at Work' initiative gained momentum, I was thrilled to be accepted into the Harvard Medical School Global Health Leader Program (HMS GHLP). This experience exposed me to the forefront of healthcare innovation and allowed me to cultivate a rich network of diverse and impactful connections, and I found new friendships along the way.  A collaboration during this program led me to assess and address gestational diabetes (GDM) by developing a holistic care coordination model that nurtures both the physical and mental well-being of mothers. GDM affects 1 in 10 mothers worldwide, carrying substantial long-term consequences for both mothers and their children.

No matter where my endeavors take me next, my goal is to contribute to a world where trust, inclusion, and genuine connections thrive.

What energizes me each morning? Beyond my indispensable coffee and setting daily intentions, it's the thrill of developing actionable healthcare solutions alongside peers who are aligned in both values and purpose.

In fostering change, after a ‘thank you but no thank you’ I rely on three principles:

  • Pause with Intellectual Humility: By asking, “Why not?” to embrace openness.

  • Cultivate Curiosity:  Encourage “Tell me more...” to deepen understanding.

  • Champion Co-creation: Spark innovation and collaboration with “What if?”.

And, when appropriate, I also reflect on:

  • What now?

  • Are hidden agendas or fears influencing motives?

  • Do our intentions align?

  • Is a follow-up conversation needed?

  • Is it time to move on?

This journey has been profoundly enriching, going far beyond merely making a living. It's about growth, learning, paying forward with kindness in action, and making a meaningful difference.

Now, picture the ripple effect if each interaction aimed to uplift all, beyond just personal gains.

I invite you to take a moment: Can you PAUSE? Reflect on what motivates you. Envision the change you wish to bring about. Seek out allies who can bolster your journey, and extend your hand to lift others along the way.

Gain access to ‘Health at Work & People’ collaborations by connecting on LinkedIn.


Jaqueline Oliveira-Cella with Her Nation Magazine
Jaqueline Oliveira-Cella, MBA, MIBA, HMS GHLP Founder of wellBe consulting | Creator of ‘Health at Work & People’

Meet the expert:

Jaqueline is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of experience in healthcare, employee benefits, and wellbeing, starting in actuarial science in Brazil and expanding globally across consulting, product design, and leadership. She honed her leadership skills through the Harvard Medical School Global Healthcare Leadership Executive Program and founded wellBe consulting, specializing in advising healthcare and wellbeing companies on measurable solutions for employee wellbeing and business growth. Jaqueline is known as a reputable thought leader, prioritizing data-driven insights and client-centric approaches, while also spearheading the 'Health at Work & People' collaborations published on LinkedIn, an initiative for actionable insights in employee health and corporate sustainability.



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