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Top 14 Healing From Trauma Book Recommendations

The Her Version Community is here to talk trauma. I asked our community, 'What were the most inspirational books that you have encountered over the last couple years that had a HUGE impact on your healing journey?' The response was amazing. I have accumulated the top 14 personal recommendation of books on the topic surround Healing from Trauma and what life can look like on the other side. If you are struggling with some grief from your childhood, if you are in or coming out of a toxic relationship or work environment these books will change everything for you.

Book: Self Healing by Jay Earley

Her Review: “Self-Therapy” was a book that helped me not only heal my inner child, but to start to separate myself enough from my abusive partner enough to have the courage to leave. Though this isn’t a book on escaping abuse, it help me learned how to love the parts of me that were self-abusive and keeping me in those toxic cycles, and I learned how to dialogue with a variety of my inner child parts through the examples written in this book. Inner child healing with the Internal Family Systems framework as described by the author has been one of the most helpful aspects of my self love journey. I wish I would have had a book like this a long time ago!

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Her Review: I laughed and cried and feel like I found another friend who gets what this journey about pulling yourself out of a dark place is all about and how our stories encourage and help others. It was a quick read and felt like a hug. I love when a book chooses me randomly and turns out to be just what I needed at the time but didn’t know it till after I read it.

Her Review: I am so thankful this book was recommended to me during my divorce. Her philosophies moved me from a place of anger and victimhood to a place of acceptance and serenity. She makes you look at your life in a completely new way.

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Book: Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal by Barbara Steffens and Marsha Means

Her Review: Steffans and Means dig right into the worst of it—explaining the real life implications and trauma associated with being the partner of a Sex Addict. But they don’t leave you in despair. They answer your most common questions and provide tangible tips on how you can journey through recovery and HEAL.

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Book: Joyful Jump Start by Piret Betten

Her Review: After the trauma it is important not to get stuck in trauma mindset. It is not good to think of yourself as a victim. That takes away your power. Even though we are feeling all kind of negative feelings. We have to find a positive outcome and focus point where we want to be. Envision the new Joyful Life you want to build after the trauma. This book will give you tools to connect to your truest self and figure out, what kind of new life you are building now. You can create positive outcome and not get stuck with your trauma. Your trauma is not you, that is something that happened. Now what? "Joyful Life Jumpstart" will help you create roadmap to recovery.

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Book: My Dog is My Relationship Coach by Maureen Scanlon

Her Review: My Dog Is My Relationship Coach is a guide to relationships that takes its lead from the pets in our lives and the unconditional love they offer. In our search for love, companionship, and "the one"-as well as during our maintenance of a romantic relationship-we often lose sight of our true selves and what we deeply desire in a life partner.

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Her Review: Before I read this book I was unaware of the word codependence. After reading this book I was able to identify that I was indeed codependent and needed to do some inner work to prevent myself from getting into unhealthy relationship situations.

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Book: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk MD

Her Review: This will always be one of my favorites and was recommended by a trauma survivor and firefighter. The author offers emotional and physiological points in understanding trauma and moving forward from it. Great read!

Her Review: This book is very down to earth. Easy read that is empathetic and practical in redirecting your focus from what you experienced into empowerment for the future. One of my favorites that really resonated with me.

Her Review: This book was the “friendly, caring voice” I needed when I was looking for resources for healing. It really is a gentle approach to recovering from narcissistic abuse and relearning to love and be loved!

Book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispensa

Her Review: This book and meditations are very helpful with being able to take a look at your life and situation from outside of the emotional hurts. A gentle way to connect to yourself and to the Universe.

Book: Not Nice by Dr Aziz

Her Review: This book is very good for those who have a hard time standing up for themselves or creating healthy boundaries. It's ok to look after ourselves first and not feel guilty about it. The book gives words and phrases on what to say to loved ones as you build inner confidence.

Book: How to Do The Work by Dr Nicole Lepera

Her Review: This book teaches how to heal past trauma bonds and tools on how to create secure attachments in relationships. Dr Nicole openly shares her stories of growing up in a dysfunctional family and how we are our own best healer. She created a podcast to match each chapter of the book and goes into further detail. The podcast is called Selfhealer's Soundboard

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