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Evolution of Consciousness that Starts with JOY

Lisa is the creator of the Joy School and believes in our ever-evolving capacity to create bliss for ourselves. She is an author of over 40 books for adults and children specializing in the field of personal transformation and she has shared her joy trainings on stages around the world!

Joy School website:

"Lisa McCourt believes that genuine, sustainable joy, in all its many flavors, is your birthright and your highest calling. She’s trained thousands in the art of vibration elevation and written dozens of books that have together sold over 8.5 million copies, earned over 9,000 glowing Amazon reviews, and been translated into 11 languages. Lisa’s joy trainings allow you to raise your personal vibration to a naturally magnetic level so that you can stop chasing your desires and organically draw them to you instead."

"Lisa’s Joy School is a unique online space where you can learn, relax, and unfold into your greatness while being seen, heard, and honored as the perfectly imperfect creature you are. These are strange days. Our commitment to staying centered, loving, and peaceful is being challenged at every turn. Joy School is dedicated to providing support and training for not only surviving these challenging times but transmuting them into fuel for exhilarating expansion and positive transformation. You’re invited to experience your own brilliant, unique and shining self through Joy School’s OASIS community, group classes and trainings, private coaching, and conversations on the Do Joy! podcast with some of the world’s top transformational superstars. Live South Florida events will be added back into Joy School’s offerings as soon as that makes sense. Claim your joy at!"

Podcast Topics:

Speaking about transformation. What do you think are the 2 biggest differences between who are you now and who you were 15 years ago?

What do you love about personal development and in your opinion, why do some people hesitate to learn about how to further develop their mindset?

What is the difference between joy and happiness?

Tell us about The Joy School?

What would be your advice on a daily routine that would create more joy in a person’s life?

I want to bring this up, because I feel as if so many women deal with the struggle of sitting in their ‘story’. When I was first talking to you about being a guest on this podcast, I asked how comfortable you were talking about your past struggles. You stated that you did not mind, however, you didn’t want to spend too much time in that space. So rather than speaking about your struggles, I thought this would be a great way for you to expand on your thought process involving individuals who might be stuck in their negative story. Because I agree with what you said.

Do you mind expanding on that thought process?

What advice would you give to a 28 year old female out there that is struggling with her self-confidence and self-worth right now?


Sabrina Victoria tells compelling stories with and about real people. The Her Version Podcast is an American Podcast that airs at minimum 2 times a week, every Tuesday and Thursday with special guests. The show provides bold story telling in order to inspire, uplift and give hope to those struggling today. We upload new videos every day, so make sure you subscribe and ring the bell for all notifications, so you don't miss a single one.

Full episodes contain an interview, or multiple interviews with coaches, doctors, public safety officials, teens, parents, and more. Her Version podcast is powered by the human transformation company, Human Better 365 and is used to provide comprehensive steps to its viewers about personal and social issues. Her Version Podcast also holds Round Table Events with several women at one time speaking on a specific subject in order to openly discuss struggles and triumphs. Sabrina Victoria is a top female speaker in the human transformation, time management and organization arena and attracts thousands of viewers every day alongside her other companies and projects, including but not limited to Sober Society and Human Better 365. Sabrina Victoria makes regular appearances on Narcissistic Apocalypse with Brandon Chadwick, UpJourney, Healing Soul School with Christine Cardoza, 5 Things I Wish, Authority Magazine,, Mentor Pro, HalfStack Magazine and Thrive Global.


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