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The Destination, the Journey, and Learning Along the Way

Ralph Waldo Emerson shared that “travel is in the journey and not the destination.” If

you love to travel you understand that the destination always offers beautiful sights, tangible experiences, and vivid memories but there is so much more to travel when you pause to embrace the journey.

Ralph Waldo Emerson shared that “travel is in the journey and not the destination.”

Travel takes us to destinations unknown to view beautiful landscapes, savor amazing cuisine, feel the sand between our toes and smell the salty air. Beyond these tangible experiences, travel offers an opportunity to change our perspective, encourages personal growth and often pushes us out of our comfort zone. It allows us to look within ourselves to find strength and confidence while challenging us to become uncomfortable at times. The journey toward the destination, our actions and reactions, provide the unexpected growth.

If you’ve traveled solo, you know the beauty and the fear of dining alone in a restaurant. It may feel uncomfortable to enjoy a meal without the comfort of a friend, yet there is something empowering about sitting with yourself and soaking in the atmosphere. It is journey of self-discovery of who you are and what your boundaries of comfort might be. The destination? A small café in the heart of a lovely city. Each sip of coffee tastes a little different as you appreciate the city bustling around you.

Traveling in a group presents a different kind of dynamic. Imagine debating the next landmark to visit with friends. How do you react in that circumstance? Maybe you assert yourself in a surprising way to ensure that you have influence in the decision. Maybe you go with the flow and enjoy the good company. Each decision teaches you about your role within the group and gives you something to consider. No matter the choice made, you witness the history before and possibly learn the art of compromise and camaraderie. First you visit Trevi Fountain and then you enjoy the gelato!

Trevi Fountain in Her Nation Magazine
Trevi Fountain

Mountains of Colorado in Her Nation Magazine
Mountains of Colorado

And when you travel as a family, the journey looks and feels completely different. Step-by-step and stop-by-stop, from the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of the Caribbean, photos are snapped, hugs are shared, and stories are created. The destinations become the building blocks of lifetime memories. From child to adult, the experiences are shared and cherished by all.

Caribbean in Her Nation Magazine
Beaches of the Caribbean

To travel the world offers endless opportunities to learn, grow and challenge ourselves. The destination and the journey provide these. The destination acts as the catalyst for

growth to be experienced and memories to be made. The journey is the experience you have as you travel. As you set out on your next adventure, remember to reflect on the impact of the journey while embracing the destination and its character. Where will you travel next? What lessons will the journey teach you?


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