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How to Harness The Power of Your Intuition for Success

As women, we wear many hats—mothers, lovers, sisters, daughters—and when we add “woman in business, soul entrepreneur” to the mix, it's like juggling flaming balls while walking a tightrope. We're experts at keeping all the ‘balls’ in the air, but sometimes, slowing down feels like admitting defeat, doesn’t it?

It's a balancing act between hot mess and power diva, teetering on the edge of burnout while trying to maintain our superwoman status.

As women we sometimes just don’t know how to slow down, do we?

This was definitely me! As a mother, wife, sister, friend, and mentor with the qualities of a ManiGen (Manifesting Generator in Human Design) firmly embedded in my DNA, I was the ultimate multi-tasking queen. 

Creating on the go I always have a fountain of ideas constantly wanting to bubble forth into reality. I would seize these ideas and implement them with lightning speed, and more often than not, they turn out to be successful ventures. But I had more balls in the air than a circus clown on espresso, and I juggled them with the finesse of a seasoned pro. Or so I thought!

Amidst all the madness, I found clarity. The Universe sent me a clear message to ‘PAUSE!’ and I realized that I don't have to be Wonder Woman because true strength isn't about how many balls you can juggle—it's about knowing when to drop them and surrender to the power of your intuition.

Universe on Her Nation Magazine
The Universe sent me a clear message to ‘PAUSE!’ and I realized that I don't have to be Wonder Woman.
I realized the key to slowing down was not in doing more but in accessing the hidden potential to create more by slowing down.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed in this crazy world. From morning to night we are in first gear but let's be honest, there comes a moment when first gear gets you nowhere and all that juggling catches up with you, and honey, it’s not pretty. The overwhelm hits hard and your balls come tumbling to the floor. 

Over the years I had crafted my business by design. It felt great and I thought I had everything my heart desired … a thriving business guiding others to enhance their energy, feel more balanced in life, and thrive in their own soul business, a supportive team and family, purpose, connection, sisterhood, guidance from my higher self and spirit team, alignment—what more did I need? 

Enter 2023 ….. Holy Moly! The year that was my reset button and the reset button for a lot of humanity.

It was time for us all to be realigned to our deepest truth.

True leadership can only be achieved when you’re willing to embrace the change that comes with tests and challenges to help you grow and rise to a new level of leadership. 

No one can grow without change, this is a fact. Yet it becomes easier each time to navigate the challenges that change brings. 

Leadership can only be measured by the depth of your impact in service to others and the strength of your integrity.

I was resisting the change that came with holding this new level of truth and all of a sudden alignment, peace, and ease went out the window and I felt disconnected from my purpose, my work, and my business.

Imagine being on a hike, following a trail you thought would lead you to the summit of your dreams, only to realize the path you’ve been on has disappeared completely and you have no way of knowing which way to go. 

There is no map to help you decide! Just you and your inner guidance.

Yet, it's like trying to tune into your favourite radio station, but all you hear is static—it's frustrating, disorienting, and leaves you wondering why you started this journey in the first place.

Little did I know that the channel and frequency on which I operated changed. My life just had a next-level frequency upgrade and there was no going back to what I knew. 

Also, I was making the leap from New Zealand to Australia with my family, stepping into a whole new chapter of my life. It felt like the Universe had handed me a blank canvas and whispered, "Go ahead, you now get to create a whole new story as a leader of our time."

Feeling the resistance or allowing it to move through you as a feeling is incredibly transformational, rather than resisting or suppressing it, we open ourselves up to greater shifts and breakthroughs. 

Tuning into my body and giving voice to the emotions and feelings that rose from the depths helped me shine a light on these hidden beliefs.

It helps us gain a deeper understanding of how these beliefs unconsciously guide our thoughts, actions, and decisions. 

Some of these beliefs served me well, while others acted as invisible barriers, limiting my potential and keeping me stuck in patterns of self-doubt and fear.

It was a journey of deep trust and finding meaning in doing life and business at this new level.

The Secret Sauce

Amongst the ‘busi-ness’ of being the best version of ourselves, what if there lay a secret within that could help us harness the power within, have better health, feel more connected and clear, have more wealth, and navigate life and business in a completely different way— something that can help us access that whole new level of greatness that brings the ease and grace we crave?

Yes there is!

It’s our intuition, ladies, it's our secret sauce. The sacred whispers from our soul is powerful. 

To quote Albert Einstein: "Intuition is the whisper of the soul urging us toward our true path." 

Instead of drowning in to-do lists and calendars, we can tap into that inner voice—the one that whispers wise counsel in the quiet moments. Trust me, it's a game-changer. 

You just need to get rid of all the unhelpful debris you’ve created and get out of your own way in order to tune into the frequency of your soul. 

Easy! Right?

It can be hard not listening to the sneaky little voice in our heads that likes to whisper lies like, "You're not good enough," or "They won’t get you" or “You don’t have what it takes to be wealthy”. It's like a fog that clouds our vision and muffles our inner voice, making it hard to trust our intuition.

Giving into imposter syndrome means we’re giving into ‘procrastinitis’ and feeding its seeds of doubt. It is like a disease that spreads touching every aspect of our lives and business. You stop creating, you stop self-care, almost everything stops and it makes you question whether you have what it takes to be a leader and to succeed. 

We begin to do nothing because we feel nothing. We are no longer guided by our joy but by fear—the numbing effects of fear can make us conjure up all sorts of stories, beliefs, and excuses and the imposter voice will happily add its two cents worth. This sneaky voice convinces you that you're not qualified, worthy or deserving. 

To be a leader in our power we have to feel connected to the power within. And that power was forged in the cosmic fires of creation. It is creation itself!

So what do we do? Turn up the dial to our creativity and turn down the dial to our imposter's voice. Because deep down, you know you're more than capable of achieving everything your inner compass is steering you to.

Harnessing the power of your intuition means you can access your built-in compass anytime, anywhere for life's twists and turns, and it will always guide you toward what truly matters. After feeling like a fish out of water I tuned into the wisdom of my inner guidance. It has been my North Star, my constant, even in the darkest times and in my most liberating moments. 

It is the light within that helps me guide others to harness the power of their intuition and light up their soul work.

Meditation on Her Nation Magazine
Following your inner guidance will always reveal your truth.

Following your inner guidance will always reveal your truth, ignite your creative spark, and unveil your unique way of doing and serving. 

The Power of ‘Deep Listening’

Sometimes, the simplest way to harness the power of our intuition is to trust our gut instincts but I find trust is one of the most difficult things to master. 

What if deep listening which in essence is tapping into the wisdom of your body through feeling were easier? When faced with a decision or dilemma, take a moment to pause and check in with how your body feels. 

Does your stomach tighten with unease, or do you feel a sense of calm and clarity? 

Learning to trust these bodily sensations can help us make decisions that align with our truest selves, even in the face of imposter syndrome.

Deep listening helps decision-making become a breeze. No more second-guessing or overthinking every detail. You feel it, you follow it!

Slowing down doesn't necessarily mean doing less; it's about doing things differently, with more intention and mindfulness. Slowing down means we can tap into our creativity and unlock the potential to achieve more with less effort. 

You’ve heard these words: “It's about working smarter, not harder”. Yes, this is true but what does that actually mean? What if the key was allowing ourselves the space to recharge and refocus so we can approach tasks with renewed energy and clarity? 

Prioritizing our self-care, feeling deeply attuned to and healthy in our bodies, and allowing ourselves the time and space we need to thrive, both personally and professionally should be a non-negotiable. 

Instead of constantly pushing ourselves to the limit, we give ourselves permission to step back and recharge. 

This brings me to time. Through deep listening, we learn to recognize when we're off track or stretching ourselves too thin. We become masters of setting boundaries and saying no to what doesn't serve us, reclaiming hours in our day for self-care, creativity, and connection.

But the real magic? It's in the peace we find when we do slow down and savor each moment when we are deeply attuned to the wisdom of our soul steering us. Instead of rushing through life like it’s a race, we learn to pause, breathe, and cherish the beauty of now.

Take the time to reflect on your experiences and learn from them. Notice how your intuition guided you and the outcomes of following your inner guidance. Self-reflection strengthens your connection with your inner voice and builds trust in your intuition over time.

So this is an invitation dear women, for us to create space in our lives for deep listening, rest and rejuvenation, so that when we return to our tasks with renewed energy and clarity, we're able to approach them with a fresh perspective and greater efficiency. 

When we trust that inner voice, there's nothing we can't conquer. It's time to unleash our intuition and make every moment count.

It's about embracing our innate ability to discern what truly matters and making decisions that align with our deepest desires and values. So, by unleashing our intuition, we empower ourselves to seize each moment and live our lives to the fullest.

So here's to us, whether we’re hot mess divas or powerful goddesses riding life's rollercoaster—we will do so with sass, wit, and a whole lot of heart while embracing and harnessing the power of our intuition as it guides us to navigating life with more joy and grace. 

We may stumble and yes we may fail, but we'll always get back up and keep rising like the goddesses we are, this time knowing that we have THE secret ingredient to growth, success, and being the best versions of ourselves.

Because we are worthy to have it all.


Natali Brown with Her Nation Magazine
Natali Brown | Helping Others Unleash Intuition

Meet the expert:

Natali has learned to harness the power of intuition, guiding women to unlock their true potential and navigate life's challenges with ease and grace. Natali empowers others to embrace their inner wisdom and lead with authenticity. Her own journey of juggling life and business to finding clarity and purpose serves as inspiration for women seeking to slow down, listen deeply, and unleash their intuition to achieve fulfillment and success.

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