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Crack the Code of Longevity - Proven Strategies for a Healthier Tomorrow

Do you remember your first car? Sure you do!

I bet you can still recall the smell of the interior, what you kept in the glove compartment, all the chromes you kept polishing any time you spotted a sign of dirt, the freedom you felt driving around with all the windows open, the radio blasting your favorite songs… the memories of secret dates, movie nights or fun get-togethers. All of it.

You took the best care of that car, didn’t you? It was YOUR car!  You washed it every week, waxed it to protect its shine, used just the best gas, changed the oil regularly, and did the proper maintenance so it lasted you a long time. You wouldn’t let anyone else drive it (what if they scratch it?). It was your baby, your world, your first priceless possession. A ticket to adulthood. You loved that car!

Now imagine, if someone told you then – that’s the only car you’re going to have ever, till the day you die!

What priority the care of that car would take? Crazy thought, right?

However, we do have one vehicle, a special vessel, we’re given at birth that should last us a lifetime. We can’t ever replace it. It’s a perfectly designed, brilliant, self-repairing, and preserving machine that we don’t ever fully understand. The capabilities of it are endless. When it’s new, it seems unbreakable. We’re mostly careless about it, taking it for granted, often running it way over capacity, and hardly taking care of it at all.

oil change
We routinely skip the “oil change” for lack of time, or motivation.

We put in whatever fuel we’re in the mood for or deprive it of quality fuel altogether. We routinely skip the “oil change” for lack of time, or motivation. When we stress it so much it could hardly function anymore, we still demand daily perfect performance. When the warning lights come out, we keep pushing through, ignoring it. We hope it will go away on its own - or slap a quick band-aid over it. Can the issue be gone if we don’t see or feel it anymore? If it finally stops working, we go for the part replacement or other invasive repair.

I’m no longer talking about a car, of course.

Do you see my point? Usually, when you start paying serious attention to your health and body, it’s the moment you’re losing it. Yet it’s much easier to maintain and prevent than fix what already become a serious issue. By the time you feel the symptoms (when the warning lights come on), the issue has been developing inside of you, unnoticed, for a long time. So, if you put a band-aid over it (whether it’s a pill or natural solution to calm down the symptom), you’re just covering up the warning light. You’re not dealing with the source of the issue to repair it. Sadly, that’s what Western medicine is about – putting out the fires, and quieting the symptoms, without dealing with the core of the issue. Quick fix with no long-term, lasting solution.

Longevity, or “a long duration of individual life” as Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it, has become a buzzword lately. Who doesn’t want to live longer – but can we do it without keeping active and healthy? That’s a whole different question. All kinds of people are testing a variety of the newest bio hacks, different tools, nutritional supplements, Circadian rhythms, metabolic health, intermittent fasting, the perfect (and often extreme) diets, taking ice baths, rituals, breathing and meditation, the perfect sleeping schedule, whatever the flavor of the month approach is - believing they will live till 150. And I hope they will.

For the rest of us, we simply notice as we age, it takes much more effort to stay in shape.

Your body doesn’t function as it used to when you were younger. You lack energy (just look at those unlimited energy kids!), everything takes longer to heal, you deal with aches and pains in places you didn’t even know existed, and of course, your body becomes weaker and more susceptible to injury, infections, diseases and other challenges coming your way. Add to the mix all sorts of medication you have used for years to patch things up, with all its side effects and toxins your kidneys and liver have to deal with, and you have a recipe for disaster.

I know, I look at you, a wonder woman. You try to do it all, be it all for everyone, running a successful business while trying to bake perfect cookies from scratch for your kid’s charity event. It’s an impossible order! If you’re running on 20% of the battery power you once had, you can’t pour from an empty cup for long! It will blow up when you least expect it.

I’ve been there.

It took 3 lumbar surgeries for me to finally get the message. However, the last surgery involved screws, bolts, and a bone graft, and I was never the same. Not even years of various therapies and pain management resolved painful side effects. It cost me my job, then a business, social life, you name it. I wasn’t able to sit through a movie never mind taking a longer trip or flying to Europe to visit my family. Single vacuuming would result in severe discomfort for days.

I was forced to figure it out for once and for all.

Once I was told “That’s your new normal, your body did all the healing it could, just adjust your life around it,” I knew it was up to me to take charge of my health. I was a responsible patient, but now I was done relying exclusively on medical or pharmaceutical solutions.

I already knew how powerful proper nutrition, exercise, and supplements are. It used to be my business to develop nutritional plans for people with compromised immunity, such as when undergoing invasive treatment. I worked with holistic nutritionists and saw first-hand how we can empower our body to heal itself. I have experimented with herbs, supplements, nutrition, and different alternative methods.

I wanted simple and safe.

I cleaned up my already healthy diet and added a workout program with a trainer who knew how to work with medically challenged people. I double-checked toxins in my life and how to help my body clear it out. You don’t need to go extreme to improve your health. I don’t mean to brag but I can now deadlift 130 lbs. despite being told never to lift anything heavy. Over time, I was able to improve my chronic pain and live a semi-normal life. But when my husband was diagnosed with the grave issue, not even my extensive knowledge of nutrition and supplements could save his life. It broke me into a thousand pieces. I learned the hard way that even nutrition’s effect on our health has its limits.

So, when I found the newest technologies/protocols that proved to be the missing link to many “unsolvable health mysteries”, I was intrigued to study and test them.  

I've since been able to lower my rising cholesterol, erase my joint pain, and even eliminate hot flashes. All without hormones or drugs, not even over-the-counter stuff. I don’t have any allergies, or gut issues, hardly ever get sick. I’m in better shape than I

woman riding bike
Crack the Code of Longevity

was 25 years ago. I ride my bike without any issues. After years of not being able to sit for a longer period, shortly after I started implementing the whole protocol, I was able to drive myself from Florida to North Carolina to visit my friends. 750 miles one way. I called it a true Christmas Miracle. 

My body now operates smoothly like it used to when I was younger. All my blood markers are normal. During my last blood work, my doctor told me my kidney numbers looked as if I was 25 years old. I will take it!

Don’t be mistaken. These protocols are simple to follow, but thorough and scientifically proven. It takes time to undo the damage we let slip for years. Not a fast fix. But it works resolutely even where other approaches fail.    

I’m now 57 years old and take ZERO drugs. That’s the way I like to keep it. It’s great to know that you have the power in your hands to do something with your health before it gets out of control, and medical intervention is needed.

You may think it’s my genes.

I remember my mom reaching 50 – she was overweight, and already dealing with multiple health issues, such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, cholesterol, problematic varicose veins, gallbladder issues, you name it. Whatever she had an issue with, there was a pill for it that over time created new issues. My two older sisters are marching straight in the same direction, with multiple health issues and no intention to do anything to improve it. Their philosophy is - there is always a pill or surgery. I strongly believe that invasive medical intervention should be the last resort.

I didn’t want to follow that vicious cycle of filling weekly pill boxes and a calendar full of doctor’s appointments.  I already lived a much healthier lifestyle than my parents ever did. I pay attention to the only “vehicle” I was given – how I use it, what I feed it, and what’s important proper maintenance. I believe it's my health and my responsibility to take care of it and invest in it. When I didn't the consequences were painful and expensive. I studied a lot of resources to separate the bad research from the good ones – and still, science keeps changing and improving all the time. You can’t be sure unless it’s your livelihood, you’re a science nerd and it’s all you do. Most of us don't have the time, resources, or the expertise.

Their philosophy is - there is always a pill or surgery. I strongly believe that invasive medical intervention should be the last resort.

The amount of information is easily overwhelming and confusing. Do you go low fat, low carb, keto, or intermittent fasting, is coffee good or bad for you, is the sun causing problems or is it healing, how about butter, or bacon, is this oil now considered to cause inflammation while it was promoted as the best solution just a few years ago? Is raw better than ferments? It’s enough to have your head spin. Who do you even trust?

If you want to improve your overall health, vitality, and longevity, it helps to first properly assess what’s working and what’s not. How far are you from your ideal health condition in major categories if you rated it from 1-10? You may need expert guidance to evaluate the right markers and recognize signs indicating what you may be already dealing with. (I’ll be happy to help you with the assessment).

Each of us is of different ages, has unique genetics, has a series of medical challenges, has different lifestyles, and is surrounded by various environments. So, obviously, one generic shoe doesn’t fit us all.

But there are basics you can start doing today to maintain your vitality and improve your health, without squeezing one more commitment into your already busy schedule. 

Start small.

1.  Awareness

Pay better attention to your body's needs. Your body takes priority – because if it breaks, everything will fall apart. Notice how you feel after you eat – do you need a nap after lunch, are you quickly hungry again, what’s giving you heartburn, leaves you bloated… pay attention to signals. Make a note if you notice you feel worse after eating a particular food. Your body is telling you what it needs and what’s disruptive. What's already causing issues in your gut? Make a note of it. 

2.   One step is better than no step

Instead of drastically eliminating all the “bad foods for you" (you already know what they’re) leading to being frustrated, deprived, and impossible to stick to it long term, see what little changes you can implement now. Less sugar a week?  Which processed item can you eliminate from your fridge? What’s your trigger or weakness - see how you can do less of that. This is not just about weight loss (which is usually the first thing we think of when it comes to health). Yes, losing a few pounds surely improves the overall health picture, not to mention our confidence – but there are plenty of slim people in the world who are far from healthy. The "Eat less, move more” is outdated advice. 100 calories of popcorn benefit your “Porsche” quite differently than 100 calories of quality protein or broccoli. Choose wisely.

Cleaning up your diet is just one part of the puzzle that can help with less bloating, better digestion, greater concentration, less brain fog, fewer migraines, more joy, fewer pounds, better skin, less irritation, better stress management, and happier loved ones around you. Most importantly, it will support your inner doctor to be able to keep you more energetic, vital, healthier, sleeping better, and have more endurance and joy for your favorite activities.   

3. Move

You don’t have to run a marathon tomorrow, but can you take a short brisk walk? Can you take your dog for a walk without making phone calls, or listening to something? Instead, use that time for yourself. Swim, ride a bike, dance with friends, do yoga. Whatever you enjoy. Instead of being constantly distracted by something, learn to calm your mind and pay attention to your surroundings. Take a breath and smell the roses. 

You will have better concentration at work, better creative ideas, and get more done in a shorter time. Managing stress is both the hardest and most important thing you can do for your health. You’re not created to be in constant panic mode. I get it, you can’t always control it. You can, however, control how you react to things, what you get triggered by, and what you surround yourself with. It’s critical to prioritize some “me” time (even if it’s just a few minutes a day).

If after all day of stress at work, you keep stressing in front of the TV about news and things you have zero control over, trying to save the world, I beg you - try to save yourself first. If you want to see changes in the world around you, start with changing your self-sabotaging habits. Turn the TV off and put on some music instead. Enjoy a few quiet minutes in bed in the morning, instead of reaching for your cell phone right away. Work in the garden for a few hours, dance or play an instrument. Whatever makes you happy.

Blue light disrupts your sleep anyway and if you stare at the computer screen all day long, followed by the TV or phone screen at night, no wonder you can’t sleep well. Go off-grid sometimes. Recharge in nature, reintroduce conversations with each other at the family's get-together, and come up with cell phone-free games. Be creative and have fun.

Getting to the best shape of your life isn’t that hard, but it can be complex. 

Take it one step at a time and see where you can make little improvements for long-term benefits. They all count over time.

And if you’re impatient like me, and want to see more radical, real improvements faster, reach out. With the right disruptive technologies and protocols, we’ve available now, you're able to take a shortcut – and not just repair but reverse the body’s natural aging process. You can slow down the cellular breakdown, and re-activate genes that naturally turn off with age. Those that are responsible for the most fundamental functions of your body. All safely and naturally. It results in the most astonishing improvements in overall health and wellness even if your control light is already blinking.

These technologies are disruptive because healthy people aren’t a good business model for pharma.

Ultimately, your health is your greatest asset. How much is your health worth to you? 

The best time to start implementing some improvements and take care of yourself was 20 years ago.

The next best time is today.   


Vera Czerny on Her Nation Magazine
Vera Czerny | Strategic Intervention & Relationship Coach

Meet the expert:

Vera Czerny is a trained Strategic Intervention & Relationship Coach under renowned mentors like Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. She uses her transformative coaching skills to support widows and strong women over 50 through life's transitions and helping them to Live without limits; drawing from her own experiences combined with a deep passion for holistic healing, nutrition, and longevity, leveraging cutting-edge science.  

Her commitment to holistic health and dedication to amplifying people's influence in the world makes her a trusted expert in well-being and longevity space, as showcased in her Third Chances podcast where Vera interviews a variety of guests devoted to helping others master their bodies, minds, and souls.

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