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5 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales with Digital Marketing and Email

They say if you build it, they will come. However, that doesn’t work in business, especially online. The truth is, if you build it and market it well, they will come. There is no lightswitch solution that will magnetically attract your ideal client to grow your business.

Digital marketing and email offer simple solutions to consistent growth. Here is an honest look at 5 proven strategies that will skyrocket your sales.

Grow Your Revenue with a Laser-Focused Email List

Email marketing is not dead! It has evolved and changed, but isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it is still the most effective and cost efficient marketing method for local and online businesses. So, if you want your marketing efforts to drive sales, an email list is essential.

Growing an email list is not just about a race to get the most subscribers. You want to gather quality prospects who would make ideal clients. There are four key elements to growing an active, engaged, and profitable email list:

email marketing
5 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales with Digital Marketing and Email
  1. Create irresistible lead magnets that provide valuable wins for your prospects easily to turn them into raving fans before they even receive an email pitch.

  2. Optimize your opt-in forms by clearly showing an amazing transformation that the lead magnet provides. An opt-in page is a sales page, not just a contact form.

  3. Target your ideal audience through social media campaigns that build relationships with your audience, establish your online presence, and leave them begging for the next step

Engage Your Audience with Irresistible Email Campaigns

Having an email list is only the first step. You now need to leverage it. This comes from compelling email content, attention grabbing headlines, and high value sequences. Moreover, you need a clear call to action in every email.

Sending emails will not make you money or sales, optimized calls to action that direct readers into your funnel do. 

The truth is, if you build it and market it well, they will come. There is no lightswitch solution that will magnetically attract your ideal client to grow your business.

When planning your emails, consider email design that is mobile responsive and visually appealing. Branding is important, however keep the email clean and uncluttered.

Every email in your sequence has a purpose. Sharing about your story or current events is engaging and effective to keep people reading. However, unless you are strategically using those to drive attention to what you want to sell most, they are not lucrative.

Provide value and quick wins with the express purpose of having your audience hungry for more. Everything revolves around the call to action which aligns with your funnel goals.

Boost Your Sales with Automated Lead Nurturing

Email sequences are only the first step in lead nurturing. Nurturing needs to happen on automate so that no matter when someone joins, they will have the same, yet personalized experience. This automatically drives leads through your sales funnel which easily scales your income.

Automated lead nurturing can encompass multiple channels including social media, SMS, and voice messages. The best CRM tools include all of these possibilities. Remember the idea is never to spam people. Your goal is to stay top of mind and lead prospects up the funnel to your core offers.

In addition to multiple channels, though, the most effective key is automated email sequences based on subscriber actions and behaviors. Adding conditions and multiple branches to the automation build a personalized experience that gets the best results.

The two essential elements to any automation are a targeted content strategy and high quality tech capable of easily creating automations that work magic while you sleep.

Transform Your Website into a Conversion Machine

Here is the shocking truth, your website has nothing to do with you. It is really a platform for you to mirror your ideal clients biggest pain points and false beliefs, overcome them, and demonstrate the remarkable transformation that is possible for them.

Remember the idea is never to spam people. Your goal is to stay top of mind and lead prospects up the funnel to your core offers.

Even your about section is more of a sales page than a self promotion dialogue. Keep in mind where your prospect is coming from, and what they need to hear most. Above that, your whole goal is to drive traffic into your funnel.

Drive conversions with these simple steps:

  1. Offer ONE irresistible offer on your home page and only one

  2. Have an opt-in button in the top right corner of your page where everyone's eyes automatically go when landing on a page.

  3. Tap into sales psychology to maximize connection with your audience

  4. Focus on transformation, solutions, and possibilities; not features and deliverables.

Amplify Your Reach with Social Media and Content

Social media is the secret sauce that ties this all together. It really isn’t about which platforms you are on so much as what you do there. Creating content, via social media, vlogs, and blogs, is the primary way to get highly qualified leads into your funnel.

This is where you meet and nurture them into fans. In 2024, the currency of business is trust. It isn’t enough to know or like you, people need most to trust you. That trust comes from building a community and showing up consistently for your audience.

Content marketing, especially via social media, is never about dropping your links or pitching your products then disappearing. The best kind of selling is soft selling through engaging posts, relationships, and lead magnet offers.

Paid advertising on social media can boost your results but will only work when you already have your messaging and funnel dialed in. Also, it will be more expensive and less effective if you do not already have an organic reach on that platform.

So build your visibility consistently before ever investing in paid advertising. Then, when you have your marketing machine humming, kick it up a notch with high quality ads and retargeting.

5 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Sales: Next Steps Using Digital Marketing and Email

It takes an average of 21 touch points to convert someone in 2024, even for a free offer. The percentage of impulse buyers is in the single digits for the first time in generations. People are more skeptical, reticent, and protective of their time.

None of this means that your business cannot flourish! It can. Your biggest asset is the commitment to consistently implement these simple 5-steps to grow your reach and nurture sales.

Digital marketing is so much more than paid ads on social media or Google. It truly is a system that builds trust, attracts leads, and propels visibility. It is still the most cost and time effective way to grow your business. An online presence and targeted automation are the recipe for success.

Make a plan, find the right tech, and then stick with it for at least six weeks. You will be blown away by the difference that a short amount of time can make in your business.


Meet the expert:

After fourteen years in digital marketing, Jennifer is an expert in what make funnels work and the simple steps to optimize them. Her holistic approach brings together all the aspects of marketing into one plan to streamline output, optimize effort, and maximize results. Jennifer specializes in launch and funnel strategies that use simplified tech, high converting messaging, and laser target sales psychology.

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