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Your Child’s Role Model

Hello My Fabulous Friends!

I am lounging in bed at the moment drinking a Nestle water and listening to some Eric Brown meditation vibes on youtube.  Feeling good.  Calm.  Relaxed.  It’s been a LONG day between packing up our Florida home to move into another subdivision down here, normal ‘work’ issues and tons of errands…it’s been one thing after the other.  But honestly days like this make me feel awesome.  I love feeling as if I have accomplished something (or in this case, lots of things), it makes me feel alive and worthy.

Anyway, to top off the hectic-ness of an already busy day I decided to make dinner…from scratch.  Ha.  Why I picked today?  I have no idea, but like I said, it ‘adds’ to the awesomeness of the day!

So I was shopping with my little one, 9 year old Eli, browsing the produce aisle.  We spend most of our time in the produce aisle, making sure we are continuously trying new things and constantly googling recipes for new fruits and vegetables we find.

Anyway, we were hanging out by the spinach and my son says,

‘We need more greens.’

Now ‘greens’ is something that I say constantly, it’s part of my daily vocab, but at that moment I realized I had never actually heard my son say those words.  It actually had me stunned… frozen.  I smiled.  I smiled really big.  Then, I had a scene play out in my head of me cheering and then clapping and then praising him with lots of hugs and some crazy high fives…but because a 9 year old would think that was ‘totally uncool’.  I just said, (calmly and very maturely)

‘What kind of greens should we get?’ (while my eyes twinkled and I did a few fist pumps in the air…ok I didn’t actually do the fist pumps…but mentally I did)

So while we are searching for some ‘greens’ I decide to soak in this fantastic moment and ask my little guy,

‘So what is your favorite green?’

Without evening pausing for a moment he replies,

‘I love asparagus.’

Now don’t get me wrong, I know he eats asparagus, but he eats a lot of vegetables.  But in love with asparagus?  Really?  Did he really just say LOVE? Like LOVE…not LIKE…LOVE?  Again I paused and I smiled.  This time glowing…trying NOT to pee my pants in excitement…but I couldn’t contain myself so I insisted on a fist bump, which he reciprocated and then I said, (again very calmly and adult like)

‘That would probably be one of my favorites also.’

He smiled in acknowledgement of us being ~super awesome healthy pals~ and in that same moment he points to the asparagus about three feet from the spinach.  He smiles, mimicking the goofy smile that is probably plastered across my face, and I say,


I sometimes forget just how much we impact our children.  I always insist that everything I do, I do so my son can see and copy…but sometimes I forget just how much he takes in, just how much he is actually watching me.  Just how much of a role model I actually am for him.  Imagine if you could change the direction of your child’s life just by example, imagine if you didn’t have to say anything, but just led a life that you knew they would follow.  Would you do things a bit differently?

My childhood was no different than anyone else’s.  My parents are still married, they had a normal ‘American Diet’ of soda pop, chips, candy, little debbies, pop tarts, and everything else that average American’s peg as being ‘normal’.  But as I grew up, and then even more so when I realized I was pregnant…I started reading.  I started researching.  I started listening to people who were deemed healthy, looked healthy, ate healthy.  People who were bubbling over with energy and excitement on a daily basis.  People that smiled.  And I slowly have been coming into my own standard of what is normal. And quite honestly it is a lot different than the way I was raised.  Which goes to show you can’t blame your eating habits, or the way you are on a past.  At any given moment throughout any given day you can make a choice to change.  Just like that.  Poof!  And you can start raising your children in a healthy manner.  You need to remember.  YOU- is all they have.  The don’t have anyone else.  Your children don’t have jobs, they don’t have money to spend on groceries.  That is YOUR job.  Your children are in a way FORCED to eat what is in your home.  So if your home is filled with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, high amounts of sugar or sodium.  They have no option but to eat it.  Eating poison.  If you don’t care enough to check the back of the labels, neither will they.  If you don’t eat vegetables, neither will they.  If you don’t eat fruit, neither will they.  You can tell your children all you want, but in the end they always follow your example, NOT your words.  Always.

Make an effort my friends.  Give your child a chance to live a healthy, joyful life with out sickness or rashes flooding their tiny little bodies. They deserve better.  They deserve to feel beautiful, active, energized.  NOT lazy couch potatoes. You and I both know that.  Now stop being so dang lazy, and do something about it.

Where do you start?  Start right here.  4 short articles, that will enlighten you.  Open your eyes a bit.  Help you see things more clearly.  So YOU and YOUR family can start striving toward a healthy pure life.  It’s in your hands.  You and you alone.  You have to be strong enough to start making some changes.

But DON’T stop here.  Keep researching.  Keep moving forward.  Keep searching for the truth.  Keep adapting to a new normal.  Stop being content with headaches, pains, rashes, bloating, puffiness… ask why… and fix it.  Right now…start fixing it.  And in the end your entire family will be glowing.  And you will know, you saved their lives.  And that my friend, is all the joy a person can feel.  

Stay Fabulous.  Stay Pure.

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