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You Against 207 Billion Dollars

I can’t tell you how many half written blog posts I have sitting behind this blog, just waiting patiently their turn.  This blog entry, for instance has been sitting since May 2015.  Unfinished.

I find it strange that just writing things out like this can be so refreshing for me.  Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with feelings that I can’t help but write, ponder and write and ponder some more.  I have always been like that.  I have hundreds of journals filled with words.  Words of love, hate, frustration and anger.  Some dark and some bright.  I sometimes wonder if deep down everyone is like that.  Maybe, if we all took a second to write instead of speak, to express here quietly in your own space with no one to see, if the world would somehow be better.  If millions of words were expressed yet never handed out into the world.  Would we ultimately as a human race be better?  Is it better to be out spoken and abrasive with our thoughts?  Or is it better to keep our dirty thoughts, our love thoughts, our educated thoughts, our perverted thoughts, our deepest secrets, our racism, our impatience… to ourselves?  Maybe so.  What do you think?

But, how is change accomplished, if no one confronts issues?  How do we make HUGE changes, HUGE impacts in our world…for our children?  Do we step up and out into the public eye and say things that should be said, need to be said but may hurt?  May confuse?  May be laughed at?  I sometimes think things, things that upset me to the point of tears.  I want so badly, to say things that could hurt, not coming from a place of anger, but a space of concern.  When is it ok to speak up?

A close friend of mine, Judie Latella passed a way in May of 2015.

I knew she was going to die.

I don’t say that because she was frail and weak.  This woman was vibrant and beautiful and lite like the sun.  She was happy and energetic and so much a live.  She was more a live than any other human being I had ever met.

I wanted to be just like Judie, and I strive every single day to be more and more like her.

Heart.  Soul.  Feel.  Good.  Sun.

Judie had been diagnosed with cancer a few years ago.

She fought that stupid cancer.

She beat that stupid cancer.

I loved Judie.

I, in my own subtle way, tried with so much effort to encourage Judie to eat better, eat cleaner.

I loved Judie.

I wanted her to live.

But, then she got cancer again, I got scared.  But then, she beat cancer.

I again encouraged her to stop eating cream and cheese and danishes and donuts.  I asked her what her doctor had recommended as a diet and she stated that he told her to go right back to her old eating habits, which she quite obviously had done.  I even went as far as going to her house every morning for 2-3 weeks, making her a green smoothie every morning.  I then went even further by giving her my $300 Vitamix along with simple 2-3 ingredient recipes (and repurchasing another Vitamix for myself), just to make sure she had the supplies needed to get in her healthy alkaline green veggies everyday, to combat the obscene amount of acidic foods she was taking in everyday.

I again encouraged fresh fruits and vegetables and less meat, less candy, less ice cream and doughy bread.  But it was tough convincing her away from the food she loved so much, especially when her own ‘advocate’, her doctor, insisted she could indulge in anything she wanted.

I loved Judie.  How do you make someone want to live?  How to you make someone you love, feel the urgency of the matter that you yourself see so clearly? How do you prove to someone that eating CAN make a difference?

Judie was diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

Judie was so weak from the medication, she had become so frail.  Her immune system was so weak, that they agreed that cancer treatment was going to have to wait a few days, to let her body rest.  She was having so much trouble breathing toward the end that she could barely talk and refused to eat.  Judie was filled up with so much phlegm and mucus that her doctors were forced to go in and drained her lungs by inserting a needle into her chest and sucking out the mucus.

Judie then got pneumonia, from the build up and weak immune system.

Judie then died.

I remember knowing, for certain that food was going to kill Judie soon.  Not cancer.


This will make 15 people in my immediate circle who have died because of cancer.

Two days before Judie died I had gotten a call that the phlegm and mucus were so bad that her breathes were barely apparent, she couldn’t swallow, and she couldn’t eat.  I hung up.  My heart went heavy. Not heavy in the sense of sadness but heavy in the sense of not being able to feel. Feeling so far removed from the earth that my heart seemed to fall out of my chest and beneath my feet, buried under the earths surface, the pressure from the ground forcing its beat to slow and then stop.  I fell to the floor in my bathroom, weak, I remember the sobbing.  I was crying because she was losing the battle, she was losing the war.  Food was winning.  It was too late.  Everyone thought she would make it, Judie was a fighter.  But I knew, deep down, her body was giving up.  The acid was running havoc.  The acidic foods were killing her from the inside out. I cried.  I cried and cried and cried.  I wanted to speak to her, but the doctors said the phlegm was so bad that she couldn’t even breath to talk, she was so weak she couldn’t even move.

Her laughter, her smile, her jokes, her yelling out, ‘FABULOUS SABRINA!!’ when I entered her home, would never be again.  Never.  Not ever.  Never, ever, ever, ever again.  That was it.  This was the end.  And I still cry, my eyes still swell up with tears just remembering her glow, her brightness.  Everyone always stated that her and I would be best friends if we ever met, because we were so much alike.  So full of life, so optimistic, so in love with people, so kind.  And they were right.  We were amazing.  I still remember being amazing.  But I still remember being mad.  Wanting to punch her doctor in the face.  Hating myself for not pushing harder, for not forcing her, for not educating her more.  For not having uncomfortable conversations with her.  For not stressing the importance.  Maybe if I had, she would have had years to follow, or a life time to follow.

This is where the argument starts.  I could bore you with a hundred articles proving that certain foods cause phlegm and mucus, I can sit here and list a hundred more articles showing that cancer feeds off phlegm and mucus.  I can then, show you articles about how mucus and phlegm are sure signs of having an acidic body.  Then there will be more articles proving that cancer lives in environments where there is a lot of acid.  Acidic bodies make cancer.  So in essence, cancer does not kill, food kills.

But with every article I show you, someone else could show you an article stating that food does not matter. That cancer does not follow a formula, that some people get it and some people don’t and there is NO WAY to really know what causes it or how it chooses its victims.  But are we really that naive?  Are we really that brainwashed to believe that cancer just appears and it has NOTHING to do with anything other than luck?

Nothing to do with the hormones pumped into our cows and pigs?  Nothing to do with the antibiotics fed to our live stock?  Nothing to do with the fact that American’s eat fast food on average, 159 times per year…or at least 3 meals a week.  What about the fact that even though more and more information is becoming available at our finger tips here on the internet we are still eating just as bad, if not worse in 2016 than we were back in 2002?

Is this not a slow suicide?

Or are we so far detached from life that it all just doesn’t matter?  We are willing to gamble our lives on the statistics of the milk and meat industries.  Did you know that those two industries combined pull in a whopping $200 billion+  in revenue a year…and we are sitting over here thinking that they care about you and me?  Are you serious?  If you and I died tomorrow, would they even know?  Would it even cause a slight hiccup in their revenue?  NO!!!

When reading these articles about milk and dairy and all the ‘benefits’ it provides us, have you ever looked to see who is publishing the article?  Do you realize that doctors only benefit if there are sick people?  It is a money-making industry. Did you know that just the top three medicines used to help with cancer bring in a revenue of over $20+ billion dollars a year?  That is just the top three.

cancer research sabrina victoria

Not thousands, not MILLIONS….but BILLIONS!!!  Do you understand what a billion is?! Can you comprehend a BILLION dollars?  It is an impressive number. It would be a number that would make most turn their heads.  But we aren’t talking about 1 billion.  We are talking about  HUNDREDS of BILLIONS.

billion sabrina victoria

Have you ever thought to google countries that have the lowest rate of cancer and diabetes, and what they consume?  Have you ever thought to google the western diet and how people from countries with low rates of diabetes and cancer all of a sudden have a greater risk of adopting these same illnesses once they start eating our food?  Have you ever thought to google the trend in bad food or unhealthy food and the risk of cancer increasing?  Have you ever googled how many vegans and vegetarians are getting diabetes and cancer?

I could sit here all day.  But you really need to take a hard look at the evidence.  Take a look at who you are listening to, what they are gaining by keeping you educated in their thinking.  And most importantly what you are losing for continuing to drown your world in useless sitcoms and movies rather than educating your yourself and your family.  Do the research.  What are other people doing that is different?  How are others combating this?

I am not a doctor.  I am not a guru.  I am a girl who is using common sense.  I am a girl who is refusing to take their word for it.  We are powerful with the tools that have been provided to us.  Fight for your life.  Fight for your family’s life.  Do what is right.

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Lots of Love – Sabrina Victoria

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Published by a cancer website itself.  Research shows, diet and exercise play a HUGE role in staying off that horrible cancer wagon.

Also, the importance of limiting our animal intake like dairy, red meat, chicken, eggs can reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

Be awesome today.  Even if everyone else sucks.

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Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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