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Why Are You Procrastinating Your Sobriety?

Listen in as Sabrina Victoria talk about how procrastination is BY FAR the biggest issue she comes across when speaking with her clients, let us chat about this!

We believe the alcohol Industry is lying to you. Making you believe that alcohol is all about fun, parties and relaxation. Portraying its magical potion as the only way to truly enjoy life. We also believe the rehab industry that stands on the backbone of the alcohol industry can be just as manipulative. Creating a cycle of relapsing customers that come and go over and over again while dumping thousands of dollars at their door steps. We also believe that you stopped on this video because deep down you are starting to question whether the relationship you have with alcohol is healthy. You have been through a lot. We get it. You need something to help you relax, kick back and have fun, We get it.

More than ever before, you have had challenges and road blocks that have gotten in the way of your happiness. We get it. However, we also know that the negative-self talk that goes on in your head is holding you back from leading your best life. We also know that you have entangled yourself in an unhealthy pattern over the years..causing you stress and sadness.

The key to success, in anyone's life is relying on the willingness to move. Whether it is move away, move off the couch, get to the gym or stop drinking. There are different degrees of movement you need to do what is good for you. Do not let someone tell you what you need to be doing to better your life. Make good decisions and always have a well thought out plan before acting. Think smart, not out of anger or fight or flight habits. You live this life once, and you have every right to move slow, but move slow or fast in the right direction. If you sit still for too long, just like a boat, the waves will eventually start to move you... And unfortunately it could be in the wrong direction. Everything works off momentum. Everything.

Why would you stop and start your life so many times? Why would you slow down and speed up so many times? Forcing movement. Forcing your body til it breaks. Your body is just a vehicle. Stop being such a fucking bitch ass pussy. Your body was meant to accomplish anything you ask of it. Push it hard, do that.


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