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Who is Kaeya Majmundar? An Inventor. A Visionary. A Woman.

One of my FAVORITE shows is the Shark Tank (on abc), EVERYONE loves Shark Tank, and if you don’t, you are a dumdum, because anyone with a half of brain is somewhat tickled by the inventions that are displayed on this show.  We love giving our own opinions and throwing in our two cents, deciding who should get a deal and who should not.  And if any of you are like me, many times we sit and think to ourselves, ‘Man why did I not think of that?


I happened to be watching the season finale, without even knowing it and this women named Kaeya Majmundar from Chicago, IL, was presenting her invention.  Kaeya is an Emory University college student and entrepreneur, she has a spark and vigor I LOVED to see.   While watching, my tweeting fingers quickly turned into googling fingers as I searched this young girls name.  I came across this article Swimming in the ‘Shark Tank’: Emory student entrepreneur takes her invention to television…and as I skimmed I saw such an amazing fire in this woman.


Her invention?

The BZbox.  It is a durable, collapsible cardboard packing box that doesn’t require assembly. When she submitted her idea to the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization’s National Elevator Pitch Competition, the BZbox video received almost 60,000 views, and Majmundar was selected as one of 60 finalists to present the idea.  And of course, she went on to win that competition.  Soon after that she applied to the “Shark Tank” and was one of 114 applications selected for filming. Kaeya wound up showing on the May 16 season finale, which happened to be the exact episode I decided to watch that night!

During her turn in the “Shark Tank,” Kayea was faced with some pretty hefted questions.  The sort of questions that probably would have had me in the corner curled up, but this girl stood her ground and did an amazing job at presenting her vision of success.  And good thing she did, because she came away with an investment of $50,000 from inventor and QVC celebrity host Lori Greiner, contingent upon BZbox getting into retail outlets and Greiner receiving a 40 percent share of the company.

I was able to contact Kaeya and she agreed to help me launch my newest endeavour.  Raw. Real. Vulnerable. Empowering Women One Story at a Time.  Check out the first video below, featuring Kaeya!

Also check the websites below to find out more about Kaeya!

Facebook: The BZ Box

Check out Kaeya’s Elevator Pitch, made in 2012.  This girl is on FIRE!

Also: In the Take with Kaeya Majmundar

Also: recognized by the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) here: CEO Member Kaeya Majundar Pitches to the Sharks on Friday

Thank you Kaeya for taking a few minutes out of your day to help launch this amazing new project!  You are such an inspiration for me, and so many other women out there!  Raw. Real. Vulnerable. is a newly created youtube channel geared toward women and just how AWESOME we are.  Do you know anyone that deserves to share their AMAZING story?  Contact me here: and I will be sure to contact you back!  I look forward to hearing so many amazing success stories!

Namaste- Sabrina Victoria

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