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What Does Your CV Reveal, How Can Women Change Theirs?

Our lives are our CV—our Complete Value. What women bring into the world, and who we serve with kindness, compassion, gratitude and respect — the values we share with others — these are the parts of life that matter most and make up our personal CV. Often our mindset determines what we use to build that CV. Why is that? Mindset determines up to 95% of our actions, mostly because those actions by and large are habitual, not intentional.

We can learn to change our mindset from the old, worn-out assumptions that society and others have handed us. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. By sweeping out negative mind chatter, replacing it with a simple message “I Am More Than Enough,” women can become all they can be, and move closer to the rich, full life we deserve. Here are five steps to get you started:

1—Let go of things that weigh you down, and people who don’t support you. Every woman reading this has great value. You are a worthy person. Be proud of the things you’ve done and know that you have more amazing things to do. The boundaries you create may leave some people aside, but that’s okay. A good friend can be better than an old friend.

woman at waterfall
We can learn to change our mindset from the old, worn-out assumptions that society and others have handed us.

2—List goals that make you stretch and grow. Remember, reaching the goal isn’t the important part. The important part is to grow. This is why my mentor always tells me “If your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s too small.” You are here for a reason, never forget that. The two most important days of your life as a woman are the day you were born, and the day you figure out why. Crafting your CV demands that you explore that critical question.

3—You are an amazing woman, with a huge gift to share. We often talk about changing our world, but here’s the thing, we change our world every day no matter what. Make that change something you’ll look back on and be proud of. Make someone else’s day better; choose to be happy and energetic; decide to take in good, wholesome, and positive things, and then give them back. People want to be around others with high energy and a positive, happy attitude. You can be that person.

4—Don’t ascribe other womens’ responses, words, perspectives, beliefs, and opinions to them. We never know what others are thinking or feeling. Never. And assuming they’re thinking badly of you is almost always a mistake. Not everything you think about yourself is true, so take your past mistakes, and review them closely and

honestly. If there are things you’ve done you’d love a “do-over” for, just consider them great life lessons. No one succeeds without making mistakes, and your shiny new CV,

Complete Value, will reflect that success.

5—Your thoughts really do create your reality. There’s only one person who gets to occupy your brain space, and that person is you. You’re the only one who hears your inner voice. Is it friendly? If it’s not, keep this in mind: You wouldn’t hang around with someone who talks about you the way you sometimes talk about you! Self-criticism and judgment start in the mirror, so stop those negative self-critiques before they start and become aware of the negative messages you’re allowing into your mind. Once you internalize the idea that your life truly is valuable, the noisy demands of society fade to the background, and your gleaming CV begins to take shape.

woman in mirror
There’s only one person who gets to occupy your brain space, and that person is you.

Speaking of mirrors, if you’re having difficulty believing in yourself, an exercise I teach my clients is called, the “I AM Affirmation” exercise. It’s an easy task that will help. While at the mirror, look directly into your eyes and say, ‘I love you,’ followed by your name. Next, keeping in mind that whatever follows I AM follows you, provide a positive affirming word such as, I AM Brave. I actually do this twice a day listing the entire alphabet with my positive affirming words. Do this exercise every day and you’ll soon create a new paradigm, and a brand-new you. Plus, you’ll build that new CV as well. The “I AM Affirmation” exercise has been translated into more than 20 languages and is helping people around the globe to own their value.  You can get your free I AM Affirmation exercise link on my website.

There’s only one person who gets to occupy your brain space, and that person is you.

Gratitude journaling is another exercise that builds your new CV. Write 5 things a day in your gratitude journal, something you’re grateful for now, such as your health, clean water, food, reliable transportation, clothes, education, you name it. Expressing gratitude is telling the universe to ‘send me more of that!’

Finally, as an autistic woman who was once terrified of crowds, knew she couldn’t write, and suffered from self-criticism, I can attest that these tools and tips work. I now speak to large audiences about these things, I’ve co-written two books, and I coach other women in mindset change techniques. For many years, I internalized all the negativity passed down to me from society, family, and others. With an encouraging mindset mentor, a lot of work, and support I understood that was their truth. I was buying into their nonsense and false perception and made it mine. Once badgered by imposter syndrome and self-doubt, I now need a telescope to see the unhappy version of myself from years ago. I’ve built a brand-new CV that I’m very proud of.

Expressing gratitude is telling the universe to ‘send me more of that!’

So, follow those steps. Let go of what weighs you down, list a huge new goal, own your value as an amazing woman, don’t assume others are thinking, feeling, reacting as you might think. Remember, your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts can also create your shiny new fantastic CV. Journey Well. You Are More Than Enough!


Meet the expert:

Transformation Mindset Mentor, Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Content Creator, Retired ICU, ER, Flight Nurse. As a late diagnosed Autistic woman with ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Dyslexia, Mariah & her neurotypical husband, Byron Edgington, speak on NeuroDivergent/NeuroTypical Communication & Relationships.

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