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Unlocking Leadership Potential to Empower Yourself and Others

I challenge you to become an Empowered Leader, and begin the exploration and connectivity with your highest and best self. When we are courageous in the discovery of who we can ultimately become, we activate unlimited capabilities through thought, intentions, and action. Activating the advancement into personal potential, this begins to align us with the universal force that was engineered into the human condition; contrast, challenge, and the innate knowing that we are destined for growth and ascension.

There is an empowering leader within each one of us, regardless of our present condition. When we are reminded of this possibility, it is as if the universal codes were just unlocked, and presented to us on an individual basis. We receive a glimmer towards what can be created and manifested for our personal evolution and the collective elevation of humanity.

At times, through inspiration, knowledge, ancient teachings, and newfound perspectives, we recognize in ourselves the heroes journey. No longer a complacent bystander, we begin to awaken a deeper awareness of our capabilities, unlocking authentic potential, expansive creativity, and natural brilliance.

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Empower yourself to empower others.

When we seek out personal bravery, we spark an opportunity to expose that in which has been inactive. For many of us, leadership escapes our thinking process, as we have been instructed to place judgement and fear upon the very thought that we can lead others. This is why it is important to exercise personal leadership and have faith that we are destined for more than we settle upon.

Our participation with our own experiences and interactions around leadership begin to plant the seeds of an energetic structure within the new Mindset. Inviting in new possibilities of empowering potential. Now skilled with confidence and clarity, we can offer service to others as they embark onwards, igniting their path of empowering leadership.

We have been instructed to place judgement and fear upon the very thought that we can lead others

When we arrive to this knowing; that leadership is not about us as an individual movement of motivation, but it is about offering the space for others to feel safe and free to discover aspects of themselves, we can begin to elevate the collective.

Leadership can be defined in many ways, simply from the perspective of personal history and projection, however, I feel in my humble opinion, what constitutes an authentic leader is one who sees the view from the landscape of the totality.

Valuable leadership asks the uncomfortable questions, such as; what is my intention, are my words placing peace and support in the minds, hearts, and consciousness of those around me, and am I operating from a space of well-being for the Global Community?

True leaders acknowledge that they never stand alone. They are surrounded and supported by tribes of leaders, with many attributes to gift, where the exchange of ideas, visions, dreams, and goals are accepted and thought through with value and appreciation.

Unlocking leadership means we set ourselves free from the limited thinking processes of the ego and merge into the force of good and collective positive advancement. Where we now begin to think with the courage of a lion and feel with a heart that is connected with a higher purpose for the care and consideration of all.

Whether we are positioned as leaders for our families, a place of business, or an organization, honorable leadership sees the vulnerabilities and the resilience in oneself, therefore genuine leaders recognize the same qualities in others, nurturing and uplifting one another in all interactions.

There will forever be challenges along the journey of the human experience, and yet, when true potential is unlocked, leadership will emerge. When a human being is gifted the opportunity to expand their personal positive energy for the betterment of all, an empowering leader will inevitably appear…


Meet the expert:

As a Global Ambassador for Life Transformational Empowerment Development and Higher Human Awareness, Laura's skills, dedication, and expertise in the environment of "Thought Energy Application" for self-evolution is unlimited. As the Global Author, Speaker and Head Coach on "Thought Energy Application" with over 6,000 hrs of gained wisdom, shared insights, International Podcasts, and Global Coaching, on advancing human potential, Laura supports the remembrance, that we are in "The Power Seat of Choice. This awareness positions us into the realm of creating an empowered life.

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