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  • Joan Stenzler


Why on earth would I want to be uncertain of anything? Isn't it so much better to find the answer and "figure it out?"

Smart people who solve problems are often praised for their abilities and admired. They are applauded for their decisiveness and resolve…..Right? 

Most people believe that finding resolution is the only way to go. Because for them, the most important thing is BEING CERTAIN and acting as if they know what they want or need to do, then doing it.

It’s such a great feeling when you’re moving forward and making progress! 

But there’s a potential pitfall which is common for so many women, so many female entrepreneurs.


What is it? Making a premature decision for what you’ll do next in your life or business, before taking stock of what is the best decision for you at the moment. There’s so much pressure in the world, to figure things out quickly, and to just keep moving forward. (the faster the better, right?) 

And so many “experts” are out there ready to persuade you to buy their product, program or service because they say it’s the right choice for you. BUT IS IT?

Every day, smart, talented women like you feel almost compelled to make a decision. So you choose an answer, in order to not look foolish, in order to not look like you’re doing something wrong. But this DRIVE TO BE SURE can push you into making a decision just to have made one, even if it’s not the right one for you.

But when the NEED FOR CERTAINTY pressures you into feeling you have to choose the next direction to take, before you are ready,  you may find yourself (with the best of intentions) running fast in the wrong direction.  


When decisions are made this way, they often overlook what innately feels right inside. It is a trap to "act certain" when it is not urgent/wise to do so. 

If you make a choice, just to feel like you're "somewhere," you’ll end up feeling confused, unfocused and less trusting of your choices in the future. 

So what is a better way to respond to uncertainty? 

To learn how to slow down, tap into your inner wisdom and keep listening within, until you feel ready to make that next decision.

Where do you find those answers? They are found in your heart. When you allow yourself to open to the wisdom of your heart, you will discover the wonder and the freedom of being authentically uncertain, trusting that when the time is right for answers to emerge, your choice will be clear and feel right to you. 

So how do you tap into that deeper inner knowing? While it’s possible, it’s not an easy thing to do on your own. 

What helps the most is to have an experienced guide who can show you how and help you stay on a path of compassion, self-trust and an amazing journey!


 Joan Stenzler with Her Nation
Joan Stenzler | Communication Specialist

Meet the author:

I specialize in teaching smart, successful women how to let go of what doesn’t serve them by choosing themselves first, embracing their own brilliance and finding their authentic voice.   

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