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Trying to Stay Healthy? Be Prepared!

Today I awoke at a late 9 o’clock am.  I am still so tired from the night before.  I blame this on all the food I ate last night at my sisters house.  We are out visiting my family at the moment in the quiet state of North Carolina in a small, small, small town.  We had dinner with my sister and brother in law last night, (and man was it delicious!) thus the heavy feeling I feel in my stomach this morning.

On a normal day I usually drink a green smoothie or take in some sort of fruit/veggie in the morning and towards the end of the day.  I do this so my digestive system can quickly and easily digest and get a huge amount of nutrients with barely any work.  I love having a light and clear start to my day and I love getting a good heavy night sleep.  When your body can easily digest the food you eat and use it for fuel, then it does not have to work it’s ass off trying to digest an entire heavy carb filled meal.  When you weigh your body down, it gets bogged down, tired, heavy, lazy and just plain FAT.  It’s taken years to learn that my body does incredibly well when I replenish it with only fresh produce both in the mornings and afternoons.  Rarely do I take in carbs/meat for breakfast or dinner.  I try to keep all those heavier foods (if I eat them) in the middle of my day between 11 and 3pm.

Don (my boyfriend) had asked last night if I needed anything from the store, knowing that this hotel prepares a gorgeous breakfast I replied ‘No thanks’ and fell fast asleep. Anyway, rather than leaping out of bed ready to start my day today, as usual, I pretty much begrudgingly rolling out of bed (literally).

My mouth was watering for some water and a crunch of a red crisp apple when I awoke, however, when I trotted downstairs with my work laptop and papers for work I glanced at the buffet and saw NO FRUIT!  ‘How could this be?’, I thought.  ‘Let me calmly put my stuff over here and take another look, it’s probably in the corner somewhere, untouched.’  I set my stuff down at a corner table, and did a bee line to the buffet.  I saw yellow eggs, white gravy, white biscuits, white pastries, white muffins with purple blueberry looking specs in them, I saw a pancake maker and an entire loaf of white bread nicely laid out with jellies and butter surrounding it.  I looked for water, only to find fountains of coffee and orange juice.  I grabbed a glass and hit the ‘orange juice’ button.  I quietly walked back and sat in my seat, and got to work.  I sat working while more and more families came in and poured these white colorless foods onto their plates, chatting away about the days activities, as the smell of cinnamon rolls and muffins filled the air.  I sat staring as the glass of orange juice to the right of my laptop slowly decreased, and the rumble in my stomach grew.  I went back up to the buffet hoping some fresh brilliantly colored fruit would have appeared…  I then saw a hotel attendant, I asked, ‘Excuse me, do you by any chance have any more fruit left, even just a banana?’  The attendant looked at me, then looked at the buffet, then looked back at me and smirked, saying, ‘You eat healthy, huh?’  I smiled, kind of proud that someone noticed, ‘I suppose.’ I responded.  She replied, ‘We use to put fruit out, like apples and bananas but no one ate it, it would go bad, so we stopped ordering it.’  Baffled by her response I actually took a step back and looked over my shoulder at the white processed, sugar filled, fake nasty food that was laid out. ‘WHAT?!’ I responded.  She then said, ‘Try one of the cinnamon rolls, they are delicious.  Besides around here a skinny thing like you doesn’t really fit in, you need some meat on you.’, pointing at my midsection.

SERIOUSLY?  SERIOUSLY?  I was baffled.  I was hungry.  I grabbed a plate and plopped a cinnamon roll on it, and went back to my seat having mixed feelings.  So I sit here sort of mad in a way, while I stare at this bun on my plate.  I peel a piece of it off as a steady stream of hot steam flows around it.  I place it on my tongue as a sweet sweet taste fills my glands…  I look over at the crowd in the breakfast area and I see a trend, a fluffy white, blubbery (is that a word?) trend.  And I realize how much everyone looks just like the food they are eating, white, colorless, fluffy, soft, and jiggly.  And then I laughed (to myself), and then I felt bad for laughing so I decided to type, and here I am, thinking to myself, ‘The fruit went bad?’  Seriously?  Was there was so much fruit left over morning after morning that the manager all together stopped ordering it?  Apparently.  You know what that means?  It means NONE of the fruit was eaten.  That’s crazy.  This is the issue people!!!  Why on earth are we ignoring the very foods that can save us from ourselves, why are we forcing our bodies to move around slowly and heavily after eating these food like products?  We are almost forcing our own suicide, and we are doing NOTHING to prevent it.  


And this is why I write, to say, be prepared.  I know there are people out there, that know, that are educated, that want better.  So when your boyfriend asked, ‘Do you need anything from the store?’,never assume.  I should have said ‘Yes, grab me some fruit…lots and lots and lots of fruit!!’

But instead I am sitting here stuffing my face with this cinnamon roll that is fucking with my insides, making my stomach mad, saying, ‘What the hell am I suppose to do with this nasty empty crap?!’

With all this sugar filling my veins I forgot my manners.

‘Good Morning My Fabulous Friends!’

‘Stay Healthy.  Stay Alert.  Stay Positive.’

And keep striving toward a pure life, even if there are a few hiccups on the way.

*licks fingers after eating the last bite of that cinnamon bun


*closes laptop

*straps on running shoes and heads for a good clean sweat in the humid North Carolina air.

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