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The Worst Mass Shooting on American Soil Happened While I Slept

Was I really sleeping during the worst mass shooting in U.S. history?

Sunday, June 12th at 2am I was sleeping, probably dreaming, while just a few hundred miles north of me there were hundreds of people living out a real life nightmare.  A young man named Omar Mateen, was on a mission, a mission so important that he was willing to drive 120 miles to Orlando, Florida to complete it.  I can’t help but wonder, did he really set out to kill that many people?

I first found out about the incident, not by social media as one might think, but actually in the stall of a bathroom.  I was shopping in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and needed to use the restroom.  While in the stall I over heard an older women speaking to her friend on the phone about President Obama needing to make a speech about some event that had just happened that night.  I was intrigued, so I waited for her by the sinks and when she came out, I inquired on what sort of speech President Obama was going to give.  She was obviously confused as to why I did not know what was going on. As I confessed to being tv-less for over a year, and keeping my social media limited on Sunday, she interrupted me with a sigh about how her son is gay and she was scared.  Still confused I flashed her a blank expression.  She then shared the horrific news of the mass shooting at Pulse (the night club) and how her heart goes out to the entire gay community.  My initial reaction was to hug her, because hugging and touching just come naturally to me, but something held me back.  Maybe the story was too heavy, maybe it was because I was in shock.  Instead, I placed my hand on her shoulder silently and just nodded a sympathetic nod.  She grabbed my hand on her shoulder, squeezed it, and with tears in her eyes she whispered, ‘Thank you.’  She left me in a still bathroom.

I do admit that although this is a sad event I had a hard time believing it was the worst massacre on American soil.  So I did a bit of digging.  This is what I found. In 1890 the Wounded Knee Massacre happened in South Dakota.  That year, 150-300 Native Americans were asked to surrender their weapons and were gunned down by 500 American troops. Then again in 1921 a flourishing town nicknamed Little Africa in Tulsa, Oklahoma was bombed, burned and gunned down – killing over 3,000 African-Americans and completely destroying hundreds of businesses, churches and restaurants. The act has since been coined the Tulsa Race Riot and was said to be organized by the Ku Klux Klan. Both these massacres were coordinated by a mass of individuals, verse Omar Mateen on his own, but I do beg to warn you, that forgetting such history is dangerous.  Not only for our future, but out of respect.

As I sit here and stare from the outside looking in, we seem to have evolved rapidly as a human race. With the invention of the internet and over 2/3 of the American population on a smart phone we virtually have every piece of information that you could possibly find at a library and thousands of people’s opinions with just a click of a button. Maybe that is the problem.  Too much information sitting at our fingertips?  How much has our culture really evolved?

The largest mass shooting recorded on American ground was described by the gunman as an act of compassion, not of violence.

That was the opening head line in the Palm Beach Newspaper that hit my driveway that day.  I beg to understand the reasoning behind that.  An act of compassion? Those that ‘believe’, does it not speak of a higher power being the only one that can make these judgements?  Does not the understanding show that a child can have a change of heart?  Does it not speak of allowing humans the ability to be redeemed, ON THEIR OWN?  These individuals have now lost their life.  Do we not all sin in one way or another?  Who is to say that supposed homosexual sin is greater than any sin you or I have committed just this past month?  Who is making these rules up?

I have always been baffled by the unjust hatred for individuals who are labeled as homosexuals.  I realize that many religions speak of a man sleeping with a man as sinful.  But, if two individuals who are grown, mature and consensual want to have some sort of sexual relationship, why does anyone care?  Especially since many of these acts are done behind closed doors, not in the open.

If we are so worried about what is being done behind closed doors, I came up with a list of more inhumane, disgusting acts that we SHOULD be worried about.

Men rapping young children

Men rapping women

Anyone RAPPING anyone, in general

Child Porn

High Priests touching  young boys inappropriately


Children being sold into slavery

Domestic Violence

Mothers shooting heroin into her children’s arms

Smoking cigarettes in closed confined areas such as a car or home thus suffocating the lungs of our children and animals

Fathers and Mothers feeding their children to obese levels, causing diabetes in children as young as 12

That obesity causing bullying

That bullying causing suicide

Women who are smoking and drinking during pregnancy

Cigarette companies that promote smoking, take our children’s money and then their lives

Meat and Dairy industry rapping, beating and then murdering animals so we ‘can eat’

Meat industry injecting Ractopamine into our live stock in order to build muscle faster so we can get more meat out of each animal.  Side effects on humans? Hyperactivity, chromosomal abnormalities and behavior changes…

Putting our kids on Ritalin, because we are too stupid and lazy to do any sort of research on the food we are forcing our children to eat… and then wonder why… Ps. Ractopamine is banned in over 160 countries.

Half way houses filled with drugs and prostitution

Dog Fights – Cock Fights

Cops selling drugs

I could go on and on…every industry…every race… there is sin everywhere.  There is irresponsibility everywhere.  Doesn’t anyone else see the absolute hypocrisy here? There is disgusting things going on everywhere.  These are the people we need to be hating on, these are the people we need to be discussing.  Not whether or not Bruce Jenner has a penis or a vagina.

We supposable as a human race have compassion, really?!?!  We have so much love that we want to murder in order to save?!  I am baffled by the double standards.  I am confused by the things that seem so much more detrimental to us, that we overlook. What kind of selfish ego driven culture have we become, where we just pick and choose a helpless, innocent sect of individuals to hate on?  And why is it always a sect that isn’t causing any real harm to anyone?

When are we, as a nation, going to wake up and stop fighting against things that don’t need fixing?  Why are we spending so much time worrying about how the black man is living, what gays are doing behind closed doors, or who’s land we are residing on…rather than protecting our women and children from monsters living right in our back yard?  Where are the vigilantes we see on the movie screens protecting our nation against the things that actually matter?  I am personally so sick of hearing about people’s opinions on who is having sex with who.  Who is transgender. Who is getting their sex organs changed.  What bathroom we are able to use. Who gives a crap about any of this?!?!  And why?!?!

We really need to shut the hell up and start looking around our world and speaking up for things that actually matter.  Start giving a damn about our children, about the women who come into work every week with a new bruise, the child that suddenly starts acting weird after coming home from Sunday school, the food we are feeding our family.  Start being aware of your surroundings…and stop worrying about things that are not causing any harm to anyone.

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Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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