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The first step to Purity.


I had an interesting conversation with someone today regarding the name of my blog, and why I chose it.  Keep in mind I put years of thought into this, the ability of sharing my world with yours brings me a serious high each time I write, and I love that you are reading.  I would like to thank this individual for questioning me, because although I knew my reasons for choosing this name, taking the time to write out and really pour onto paper my true thoughts has allowed me to believe even more what I am trying to accomplish here.  However, I figured if I got the question from one person, there is a high probability that others had the same forethought.

First Question:

Why is pureaspiration written as one word?  To me it is one word.  It has a definition, pureaspiration is the ability to find purity in all things life.  Insisting the word pureaspiration does exist means that there is hope for finding purity in your life, and I believe this simply is.  The words ‘facebook’, ‘breakfast’ or ‘sandpaper’ at one time didn’t exist.  If you use the words separately most would assume a ‘face in a book’, ‘breaking fast in a car’ or ‘sandy paper found in a child’s sandbox’…without a pretty hefty explanation none of these words mean what they mean when squished together to form one word.  The moment you put the words..BREAK and FAST together suddenly breakfast just is- no explanation required. Pureaspiration is the ability to find purity in all things life.  It just is. When you put the words together it is the ultimate answer to any issue regarding a healthy lifestyle in all aspects.  Whether it be health, exercise, positive thinking, meditation, honesty, love or anything your mind desires physically or mentally.

A higher power beyond what you believe you can attain.

Allow yourself to sit and think that thought for a second.

Second Question:

Why is it pureaspiration and not pureaspirations…with an ‘s’? To follow up with the fact that pureaspiration- on this site- is in fact a word.  Explaining the ‘s’ should not be too difficult.

When a ballerina is asked what she aspires to be- she would quite simply say ‘A Ballerina’- that is all.  If asked for an explanation she would say ‘On stage’. She does not go into the fact that she wants to learn to barre, piroeutte, releve, or jete to the best of her ability…all those things are wrapped into the act of aspiring to be a ballerina.

When asked what do you aspire to be? My answer quite simply would be ‘Pure’-that is all.  If asked for an explanation I would say “In life” and if asked what that exactly means…I would not hesitate but only repeat “In Life” again.  If you force the individual to think for one second they would get this to mean: the ability to find purity in all things life. With no explanation of health, diet, exercise, thought process, or affirmations.

They would just get it.

Part of living a pure life is learning to get rid of all the extras, as American’s we live in a world of fillers.  Lot’s of ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’ to fill the silence.  Ordering a healthy salmon dinner at a restaurant becomes a huge carb fest with rice that fills the place.  We fill our homes also.  Toasters, George Formans and coffee makers cover the counter.  Huge sofas, chairs, coffee tables in our living room while our closets and bathrooms are lined with just more and more stuff. Why do we do that?  Why do we feel it necessary to fill in the voids with extra words and food and clutter…stuff everywhere. Our conversations become redundant saying the same stuff over and over again not wanting to hear the silence.  Feeling as if there has to be a constant something to fill the void, more food to fill the plate, more stuff to fill the house.  When did simplicity become so scary?

Think for a moment about a loved one.  Someone you adore.  Now imagine them saying these words:  “I looooovve you sooooooo much!”  It would make you smile I’m sure, you would feel warm and safe.

Now imagine that same person saying these words:  “I. LOVE. YOU.”

Do you feel that?  The slight chill that ran up your back?  I LOVE YOU.  It’s so simple, it’s pure, it’s real, it’s there for you with no fillers…no extras…no ‘S’s’  Just LOVE-


And that my friends is the goal here.  Not to crowd this space with a bunch of fillers or a bunch of useless nonsense.  I am here for a purpose.  Just one purpose….not multiple purposes….with an ‘s’

Finding purity in all things life.

Stay Fabulous.

Sabrina Victoria

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