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The Creamiest Smoothest Green Smoothie Ever!

Ever wonder what a utopia with care bears and unicorns running free in the meadow would taste like if you could take the image and throw it into a smoothie?! I know! Me too!!!!

It DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER than this my friends! I finally found a way to make my green smoothies creamier and smoother than ever! ADD MANGOS! No lie. This recipe is a must…I came up with it while experimenting with my vitamix in Pittsburgh on a lonely boring night when I had nothing better to do but fill up 6 mason jars with random smoothies for the following few days… and it was at that moment I fell in love… Yes…with a smoothie.  It is possible, believe me, my boyfriend can attest to the moans I let out while sipping on this smoothie after a hard workout at the gym.  Ha.  Needless to say, I have been stocking up on mangos like they are going out of style.

Take 2 minutes…take a gander My Fabulous Friend!

While I have you here I might as well share my second favorite (it has since stepped down a step once ‘mangos’ and I met)  I must confess this was my first green smoothie straight from the book Clean By Dr. Junger.  The book that changed my entire life and direction I am now heading.  Another 2 minutes…take a gander…what the heck you have 2 minutes…everyone has 2 minutes.

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