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The Calm Before the Storm

Although my sales force may disagree with me because I come into my office like a ball of fire ready to energize the air, I consider myself a calm person, I find a balance between healthy energy and calm. During times of stress and frustration I am the quiet one, I asset the situations, I problem solve, I find answers.  I do not panic.  I do not stress.  I do not get overwhelmed.

However, I find myself in a different atmosphere today.  The hectic energy in my world is crazy from the recent reporting of hurricane Matthew.  The gas stations are running out of gas, the stores are running out of water and the lines to get into the parking lots are miles long.  Although I am calm, and taking in the racing atmosphere, I find my heartbeat quickening as the time ticks on.  So I sit here and write, to calm my mind.

I was sitting in my bed last night, restless.  Thinking of all the things.  Really, all the THINGS.  Things that I needed, things I had to leave behind.  My mind wandered off to the ‘what ifs of the world’ what if the house was torn apart, what if our cars were thrown about, what if our home is broken into, what if we can’t get back to our THINGS, what if…what if…what if.  I sat for hours in deep thought about what I would bring and why.  It started with the expensive things, those shoes, those dresses, that jewelry.  As always my mind then switched to a more realistic mind set, things I WOULD NEED. I started out with boxes of things I HAD to bring, things that matter the most.  Photo albums.  Boxes of letters I have kept for years from family, friends and lovers.  My favorite books.  My blender!  When I realized the silliness of bringing so much, I started to scratch things off my mental list.  What did I really need?  Good shoes, underwear, comfortable clothes, food… my son.  As my mental list got smaller and smaller I started to ponder ‘stuff’.  All the stuff we have.  I have been on a mission for the last 12 months to declutter my life.  I went from 4 huge closets to 2 small ones.  I went from 62 pairs of shoes to an even 20.  I went from several boxes of jewelry to about 25 pieces.  I went from clutter to garbage bags filled with nonsense.  I sold…I donated… I declutter so much stuff out of my life.  And funny thing.  I immediately felt lighter, felt better, felt free.

Decluttering my home helps me to declutter my mind. When my mind is decluttered I can then ease the stress in my life and concentrate on that things that matter most. Health. Family. Balance.

Decluttering my home helps me to declutter my mind. When my mind is decluttered I can ease the stress in my life and concentrate on the things that matter most. Health. Family. Balance.

I spend time on myself… maybe that is selfish.  I spend time with my son… maybe that is silly.  I spend time and money on my loved ones, my family, my friends….maybe that is wasted.  But is it?  Things can be ripped away from you in a second… but the people in your life… the memories you share… the laughs.  Isn’t that what really matters?  Aren’t all those other THINGS replaceable?  Are they really all that important?  I was thinking about the few recent people that have decided to block me from their lives… others that I have chosen are not good for me… for whatever reason.   We all have a person…or maybe a few people that we no longer are on speaking terms with, people that we have had ill thoughts about.  I thought about them being hurt or stranded… Would I help them?  Or even scarier …would they help me?  MY ANSWER?!? A resounding YES.  YES.  YES.  YES.  I WOULD HELP.  Then why do we do this?  Why do we cut people out of our lives? Why do we hold grudges? We can have our entire homes ripped from under us…  We can have all our stuff flown about the streets.  Scary thought.  Would you help your enemy?  Would you help your ex?  Would  you help that person that blocked you from social media?  Would you forgive in an instant?  I would.

Think my friends.  Think of your life.  Think of the important things.  Think of making a difference.  Think of time, slipping away.

Do something awesome today.  Brag about it.  And do it again tomorrow.

Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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