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The 93 Year Old Grandma

Don and his 93 year old grandmother having a conversation this morning.

Don- Grandma, don’t say stuff like that, you will get me in trouble with the mexican (yes my boyfriend calls me ‘the mexican’)

Gma- Oh, no Sabrina never gets mad.

Don- Grandma don’t let that beautiful loving exterior fool you, she has a hot mexican temper, she will cut you while you are not looking.

Me- Don! Not nice! Don’t say stuff like that, you are going to scare her.

Don- Oh yeah, you are right. Hey Grandma just lock your door at night so she can’t get to you.

Me- DON!!!!

#oldestgrandma #oldestwomenalive #oldpeoplehumor #effiemaehunger #new #thebestoldpeople

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