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Start Health Blog. Check.

I am here.

I consider myself a GO GETTER.  I consider myself someone that DOESN’T procrastinate.  Yet, this blog has been in the works for two years now.  But enough of the woulda coulda shouldas…that is not very productive.

I am here.  I plan to write, constantly.  Random, and not so random.

Health.  Love.  Women.  Kale.  Family.  Fitness.  Milk.  Soul.  Heart.  Meditation.  Yoga.  Green Smoothies.

Green smoothie

Vegan.  Not so Vegan.  Meat.  Vegetables.  Coconut Oil.  Juicing.  Communication.  And everything in between, underneath, and hidden behind my couch along with a few of my sons lego pieces.  I promise to tell MY truth, not that it is THE truth.  I don’t claim to know everything, but I do claim to have enough common sense in my skull to know that sucking on the tit of a cow is just not right.

Will you always agree with the words that you read on this blog?  Probably not.  Will you be a bit amused while reading my banter?  Probably.  Will it do you any harm to read one more opinion about the wonders of the Chia seed?  Probably not.  Will you walk away inspired, motivated, smiling and warm?  Most definitely!

Sign up for my updates.  Like me on Facebook.  Tweet me on Twitter.  Pin me on Pinterest.  And let’s get this party going.

Enough of this I’m 30…blah blah blah crap…I’m ready.

Stay Fabulous.

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