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Standing Alone

Standing alone. I’ve done that. Dozens and dozens of times.

I’ve been an outsider most of my life. Born and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness you are automatically seen as ‘different’ to your peers. Having to stand firm in my weirdness I was forced to mentally and emotionally be ok with not following the masses. When I turned 20 I ended up pregnant, I was not married. This again put me in a category of ‘different’ or not fitting in.

As I have experienced life I have naturally molded myself into an identity of being ‘being different’. Of being independent. Of being a strong female force.

Many times people who encounter experiences that are ‘outside’ of what they think ‘normal’ should be, they adopt a feeling of sorrow or missing out. They use these life experiences as ways to excuse their failings where they seem to fall short.

But humor me for a moment. What if these life experiences are actually the reason for your strength? What if feeling like an outcast most of your life is actually the reason you can stand tall in a room full of people and speak your truth? What if you can endure people talking about you behind your back without recoiling into a black hole because you spent your entire life getting whispers behind your back.

What if all the things that you view as disadvantages are ACTUALLY your advantages? No one has the life experiences you have, no one endured the heartache, the disappointment, the emotional turmoil you have been through. That makes you tougher than the next person.

Next time you find yourself struggling to live up to the potential you know you have, sit down and remember all the sh*t you went through. Sit down and pat yourself on the back for making it this far. Then get up with that same fire and tenacity within you and build that life you know you deserve.

Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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