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#3 Signs of Narcissistic Abuse

For 13 years Sabrina endured narcissistic abuse from her partner, a man that she gave her everything to. After insisting she move in with him, he eventually stripped her of all her freedoms one by one and before she had a chance to realize what had happened she had no home, no car, no phone, no job, no credit and nothing in her name. He owed and operating everything in her life. She realized 8 years into the relationship that their relationship was far from normal and she was dealing with a real life narc.

In this podcast Sabrina covers about a dozen different ways that narcissists humiliate and criticize you, see the list below and listen in as she gives her real life examples of her 13 year nightmare.

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The 13 ways narcs humiliate and criticize you:


Derogatory 'Pet names'

Character assassination



Public Embarrassment




Insults of your appearance

Belittling your accomplishments

Put-downs of your interests

Pushing your buttons

Please note that Sabrina is now free from narcissistic abuse, she has over the years learned to set boundaries in her life and has grown her confidence and self-esteem back to a healthy level. She is a great sounding board for any one out there that is dealing with these issues,

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Sabrina Victoria

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