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Run Forest Run!

So I have found myself, once again, hanging out in the cold for a few days (combination of Chicago and Pittsburgh).  I will admitt that enduring a cold winter day, is NOT in the least a highlight of my year.  I have come to realize how one can forget just how cold it gets up here.  That being said, I am giving myself a small pat on the back, I have not skipped a day of working out, which is pretty freaking awesome considering the temperature outside is not ‘ideal’ running temperature. At least, not in my book.

I did notice a few things while hanging out up here in the North.

I have found a new admiration for the construction workers that work nonstop through this brutal cold.  My winter hat goes off to you and your family.  Watching you stand out there in the freezing cold definitaly made me think for a minute.  So, I would like to thank you.  Thank you for enduring the cold so I can have nice sidewalks, new roads, and working electrical to keep my home running.  Big hug from me to you.

This other observation is usually a post you would see on facebook every now and then.  It usually sounds something like:  ‘I let you cross the street in front of me…I would appreciate if you would hustle!’ or ‘You insisted on crossing the street in front of my car, now could you go any slower?!’ or ‘No I really don’t have any place to go, take your time while crossing the street in front of my car, I don’t mind at all!’

Well, today it was a different story.  Those ‘people’ that cross the parking lot in front of your car, the ones that seem to walk as if they don’t even see you, with absolutly no regard for the fact that you have some place to go… well those same people do in fact have a hustle in their step.  I saw it, during a freezing cold day in Chicago.  They were not only hustling but straight up running from the store front to their car and back.  All shapes and sizes, all heights, male and female, entire families scurring across the parking lot to find shelter in the warmth of their cars, or the entrances of the store.

As someone who always hustles across the parking lot when there is a car waiting, and who teaches my child to do the same act, I actually smirked a little bit.  I found myself rather amused by the entire show, each time I went out to run an errand.  I would like to go on record and say it would be nice if we all took a little regard for the fact that we are being waited on, and it really wouldn’t hurt to put a little gallop in our step when someone lets us cross from one side to the other.  Besides, we could all use a reason to get our blood pumping in the middle of the day…

So for those of you that are enduring the cold, and for those of us that feel a little cold popping up, here are a few pointers on how to fight against those nasty flu symptoms, and hopefully make it through this icky winter without missing a beat.  XO. Namaste my fabulous friends.  Continue your quest in finding purity in your life.

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