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Reignite A Powerful Life

I was inspired to write this blog post after visiting my surgeons office. It was a Monday morning, beginning of January and the year 2020 had just passed. The appointment was to get some feedback on my right leg I had broken back in October. As I sat in the waiting room the company was dull, sad and quiet. We all sat staring at the small TV on the wall that had some morning news station on and the topic was the joy of the new year, now that 2020 was behind us. I smirked at the TV and sort of rolled my eyes, needless to say that no one was paying attention to me or my facial expressions because we were all covered with our individualized face masks. It has also interested me, the New Year, that is. What is the deal with the New Year excitement? Is December 31st really that much different from January 1st? Don’t we all walk right back into our same job, eating the same food and watching the same characters on our same shows? Sure some people attempt to start working out in January, or commit to quit smoking or drinking, and I am certain many of them succeed. But what about everyone else?

I started to think, there was not one person on the planet who doesn’t want to wake up one day and be better, do better. We all strive for this unknown version of pure bliss, happiness and contentment. Even the most pessimistic people, deep down are searching for happiness. Why is everyone looking for it, where is it, and why does it seem so difficult for people to be able to find?

This led me to thinking, how did I find it? How can I find happiness in the darkest of times? Are people automatically born optimists, or with a happiness gene?

I went home that day and wrote this book. I call it, Reigniting a Powerful Life and it was written in 2 days. Forgive me in advice for it’s simplicity, but I hope to inspire happiness within you as quickly as possible and to skip the boring stuff.

I am not trying to impress you with my life, or what I have accomplished, or how much I know. The reality is, I have gone through a ton, normal teenage rebellion led me to breaking religious bonds and more than likely disappointing my parents on varies levels. Becoming a single mom by the age of 21 and living with negative money in my account each month with zero child support. Soon jumping back and forth between 5 different states working to build a sales company while living with a classic narcissist. Totaling my car 3 months after paying it off, with horrible credit and no money to put down. Having my son kidnapped from me at the age of 11 by his father and moving to an unknown location costing me $18,000 in legal fees to get him back and fight for what was originally mine, full custody. Teaching myself how to build a secret online business so I could escape my narcissistic partner, losing all my money twice. Suffering from PTSD after enduring years of emotional, mental, sexual and financial abuse. After escaping, working a full time job from 9-5pm and then heading out on garbage days from 10pm-1am picking up garbage to flip online to help pay my bills. Finally getting my life together, and my businesses flowing, and breaking my leg in three different spots, leaving me practically bed ridden for 3 months.

Wow, if I didn’t know myself I would say I am doomed for failure after failure. But through all of that, some how I still woke up and choose to be happy. I remember even through the worst of times, people would ask how I was and I would always say I was fantastic, or I was fabulous. People who knew my situation were many times confused, or just labeled me as fake or delusional. Now obviously, don’t get me wrong there were thousands of tears and days when I was so distraught I wanted my life to end, I am not actually delusional. I have had plenty of bad days, but all in all if I had to sum up my life I would say I was considerable happy. I woke up in a great mood, finished my day with smiles and laughs all day and always came home to work on something. I was always working, whether it was my health, my finances, reading or researching…I was always striving for something better. And I believe with my whole heart that my constant drive towards confronting my failures head on and improving my life is my ultimate strength of happiness.

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