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Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse

There is a whirl wind of emotions when leaving your narcissist after you have left your narc. I am going to dive into a few things I did myself after leaving my last 13 year relationship with a narcissist. Join me as I talk about, the importance of acknowledging and accepting the abuse as a real story that happened to you, laying out some new hard boundaries for your narc, and learning to set new boundaries in your world with others in a compassionate way. Prepare yourself for the break up, but also realize that there isn't going to be anything you can't handle, you are already dealing with the brunt of what they will say when you start to leave. (BE MINDFUL THAT IF YOUR NARC IS VIOLENT, TO HAVE FRIENDS, POLICE THERE TO HELP YOU LEAVE!)Once you have left it is time to unwind, relax and start to find yourself again, what do you like, what is your style? Be patient with yourself as you find your new identity and start to come into your own! And on top of everything else, when you are speaking about your passed narc experiences, make sure you are speaking to someone who will validate your stories and is supportive! Not everyone in your world will understand!

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