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Play Every Day!

Enjoy Healthy Wealthy WISE Vitality. 

Despite all of the games we play, the importance of a playful approach to living and moving is largely lost in the hectic schedules and daily grind of modern lifestyles. In addition to providing the much needed benefit of stress relief, play enhances physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

woman jumping
Are your playing everyday?

Unfortunately, even with all the time-saving conveniences available today many children and most adults have too little play time included in daily life. And even with all the exciting apps on devices or recreational activities adults think of as play, these are often unhealthy distractions, competitions or a drive at achievement.

Just as recess is important for mental, physical, and emotional development during the school year, you will find more success in your work or studies by taking periodic breaks and putting more refreshing moments of play in your day.

Life is an Adventure

Play helps us develop new competencies, enhances confidence, boosts decision-making, builds resilience and strengthens ability to navigate challenges and transform situations from stressful messes to exciting adventures. 

Studies have shown that experiences give us greater happiness than things. This is especially true when these experiences are shared with others regardless in act or in telling.

Adventure is also the perfect catalyst to free your body and mind from the daily drudgery of status quo. Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” By being adventurous and challenging yourself you stimulate and enhance your abilities as you learn new things about yourself and about the world around you. 

By challenging your perceptions and capabilities you enhance your resilience and adaptability. You gain far more from failures, rejections & difficult times than from sitting still frozen by the fear of reaching outside your comfort zone.

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

From our earliest days we explore and play as methods of gathering information, learning new skills and developing new abilities. One of the greatest losses in "growing up" is disconnection from daily play. Animals play to sharpen and hone skills and efficiency for living. Play can stimulate your muscles and your imagination, help you adapt and solve problems, improve relationships by boosting social skills in navigating and connecting with others.

family playing
Play can stimulate your muscles and your imagination, help you adapt and solve problems.

Adventure, challenge, play and exploration provide important sensory stimulation that helps sharpen both mental and physical responses while also boosting memory retention and recall throughout life. 

Become more engaged in your being, indulge in life's little pleasures. Push yourself, explore your enjoyment, stop to smell the roses and be sure to play daily!

Take a minute or two to play today and make it a regular habit. (No, playing a game on your phone doesn't count!)

  • Find a swing or spin in a circle. 

  • Hop sidewalk sections. 

  • Use parking lot lines as balance beams or mazes. 

  • Crawl and jump around with your kids

  • Adopt a playful attitude! 

Think back to the play you enjoyed as a child and try placing similar enjoyments in your life now.

Get outside and play as much as possible. Nature nurtures your wellbeing and soothes your soul. Fresh air, sunshine and vitamin G (grounding) are key for healthy happiness and enriching quality of life.

Challenge your body and mind! 

Explore, investigate, and play every day! 

Play and exploration simplify healthy happiness and boost vitality for thriving lifelong.


  • Play Every Day! 

Choose 1-3 to integrate daily. Just like food and water give a body fuel to grow, play fuels the brain for better being. En-Joy!

  • Share laughter and fun

  • Make time for a hobby

  • Do the things that make you feel playful

  • Create games in your day

  • Play a game with others

  • Jump in a puddle or over a stick

  • Smell the roses

  • Hop cracks in the pavement

  • Skip to the door

  • Play with your pet

  • Roll on the floor

  • Practice having a relaxed and playful mood by finding amusement, humor, joy in everyday things


Meet the expert:

Inspiring playful productivity for peak performance that moves you to the next level, life & business, Wendy S Wiseman is committed to creating a better world with Happier Healthier Humans. 

Healthy doesn't have to be complicated or boring! 

Having moved out of painful physical discomforts at 40+ into fun-loving freedom at 50+, Wendy now specializes in helping others stuck in the “mid-life mess” enjoy getting healthy to live well with less effort.

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