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Pay It Forward

Woke up this afternoon from a much needed nap (yes, I took a nap, be proud).

I was facing the back side of the couch and felt a sudden cold breeze on my back, and then a sudden pressure of a blanket being laid across my entire body.

I froze for a second thinking, ‘What the…?’. Then in a slight whisper.

I hear my 10 yr old son whisper to the dog, ‘Mr, Chubbs…shhhh…be quiet, mom is sleeping.’

And in that instant I couldn’t help but allow a small tear form at the tip of my eye and fall gently down my nose… realizing that all the years of covering my son while he sleeps was just repaid back to me in this one small act.

A slight thought of, ‘You are doing something right.’ Flashes through my mind, and I close my eyes once again.

#childslove #lovingachild #joyofbeingamother #beingamother #payitforward #new #blessing #howtobeagoodmother

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