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Narcissism Control and Shame

Dealing with narc abuse was an everyday occurrence for Sabrina for the majority of her younger years. Having serveral narc relationships (both friendships and relationships) she finally started to find answers as she uncovered a word she had never heard before. Narcissism. Once her eyes were opened she dove head first into everything she could get her hands on involving emotional, mental, sexual and financial abuse along with the world of empaths.

She has done years of self development and come along way from where she was a decade ago. In this podcast Sabrina covers 13 ways narcissists control and shame their victims into obedience. Sabrina endured tremendous amounts of abuse in these categories and has had to heal from a great amount of PTSD and triggers that often spun her into a trail of defensiveness and anger.

See the list below and listen in as she gives her real life examples of the roller coaster of emotions she was enduring at that time.


Monitoring your whereabouts

Digital spying/ computer/phone/GPS

Unilateral decision-making

Controlling all finances

Lecturing/long monologues of repetitive blaming

Direct orders/forcing you to cancel your life


Treating you like a child

Pretending to be helpless

Unpredictability/exploding in rage and then lovebombing

Walking out

Using others

Setting boundaries and healing from her PTSD and triggers is an ongoing process that Sabrina has made her number one priority. Setting new standards for herself has improved her mental and emotional state to a brand new level.

The confidence, power and control that she had once lost is now back in full spring and she is looking to help others escape this situation and heal from this situation. She is a great sounding board for any one out there that is dealing with these issues.

FDo something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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