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My Yellow Poka Dot Bikini

Along with trying to find purity in everything I do, I am constantly fighting for ways to get the most out of my everyday life.  I struggle at times, because there is quite a bit of change that goes along with that.

Every single year when swim suit season comes around I always stress about the dreaded two piece bikini.  I know. I know.  I know what you are going to say.  But I am just as self conscious about my body as the next girl. No matter how thin, or how healthy I eat, I still know where all my butt dimples are…and I am well aware of that little tummy bulge that no one else can see but me.

But this year I have come to terms with something.  I have been living off and on in Florida for 3 years now, and with Florida comes beaches, and with beaches comes swim suits.  Every year I sit on the sand and tan while my son and his friends have fun in the water.

Enter: My Yellow Poka Dot Bikini

Although they show in the movies lots of girls with little bikinis running, and laughing, and playing in the salty water I am going to share a little secret with any men that happen to be reading this.  WE ARE CONSTANTLY AWARE OF THE FACT THAT OUR CLOTHES COULD POSSIBLY FALL OFF AT ANY MOMENT.  I hate the adjusting and the pulling and the pushing and the retying that goes along with the little itty bitty bikini.  Last year I opted to wearing just a tank top and short workout shorts a handful of times, over my bikini and had a blast in the water.  So this year I did something I never thought I would do.  This year I did what my mom always wished I would have done in my early teens and into my 20’s.

This year I bought a one piece bathing suit.

GASP!  Right?!

This year, so far, I have had a FREAKIN blast at the beach!  Crazy I know!  I can play, swim, boogie board and run at 100%…without a care in the world about whether my boob has flopped out…or if my bikini bottoms were going to still be on when I popped out of the water after being hit by a huge wave. Why on earth did I not do this before?  I mean isn’t the purpose of being at the beach to play and run around?  I realize when you are young and flirty that the possibility of flashing a boob might be sort of a thrill, but that was really never my thing, and it is certainly not anything I am interested in now.

one piece swimsuit
one piece swimsuit

I am unsure if I will ever go back to the two piece bikini.  I really don’t understand the thrill in it, besides the obvious fact that you are able to tan your belly.  But quite frankly who is seeing my mid section now anyway?  I am in my 30’s, I don’t see myself walking around with a tube top very often…or at all for that matter.

I am thrilled with this new-found comfortable swimwear!  Any other ladies out there owning their bodies, breaking the rules and strutting in their onesies this summer?!  Or am I all alone on this adventure?


Sabrina Victoria

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