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Model Your Life After Someone Who Is Doing Better Than You

I have always had role models in my life that I look up to, BIG role models like Barbara Corcoran, Oprah, Nicole Lapin, Les Brown, Jim Rohn... and probably a dozen more. I would sit and I would listen and grow mentally. I started to research more and more influential people and each time I would pick a subject the first people listed were always men. I remember one day specifically I googled ‘most powerful speaker’ ... there were 22 men listed that day... before there was a woman. I was baffled by that! But this is the thing... your role model doesn’t have to be the same sex as you. Probably 3/4 of the people that push and inspire me are men. That’s ok! What I am also going to say is that I do not appreciate the lack of women in this space. And I intend to help push and give voice to powerful females in my world, we have experiences and stories that far out weigh our counter parts in a different capacity and those stories need to be shared! Grow with me! Reach out if you have a story, I would love to invite you as a guest speaker!!

Here is my most recent podcast with an amazing speaker: Vevian Vozmediano

Do something awesome today!

Much love!

Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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