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Life After Narcissism - Podcast with Sharmon

Listen in as I sit down with Sharmon and dive into her story from struggling with narcissistic abuse to healing into the optimistic woman she is today!

Sharmon has an amazing story of strength and hope after escaping two back to back narcissistic relationships. She is an amazing mother of 5 children who loves traveling and loves the community of positive people she is now surrounding herself with. She has had to take two steps back and humble herself in order to step into her real authentic life, and she is here to shed some light on pushing through tough times to find your happiness.

Outline: So your story is very much like so many I hear, where you actually linked up with two husbands back to back that wound up having high narcissistic traits. Can you briefly give us a run down of that?

How quickly did it take for you to realize that your second husband was a mistake, and then how long did it take you to leave? (Your wedding story)

You talked to me about how you felt guilt towards the second divorce was that because it was your second? Why was there guilt associated with that?

One of the things I love most about your story is your moving story. You really had to humble yourself and choose your sanity over your comfortable home. Can you explain your moving story? (2 bedrooms with 3 kids) What was your thinking during that time? What were you nervous about regarding moving into a smaller place? How did the kids handle it? How are the kids now?

When you think back about your life with your ex and the life you have now, what are the major differences?

What are some serious personal red flags that you saw in your relationships that you ignored? (Feel free to expand)

You had mentioned a book when we talked, ‘should I stay or should I go?’ What was that book about and how did it change the trajectory of your entire life?

What sort of things did you do to make money to leave?

What is one thing you wish people understood about narcissism?

Many women believe they will never heal from the trauma of a narc relationship. Where are you in your healing process?

How are you enjoying your freedom? What kinds of things are you doing?

Last Lightening ROUND! 5 questions: Favorite fruit to eat on a summer day? Where was your first kiss? In the game truth or dare, which did you usually pick? Favorite pet growing up? Best childhood memory?

I want to end with some solid advice, I feel as if you are the best person to ask this, considering you basically knew from day one of your wedding that things were looking bleak. What would you tell a woman who is realizing they need to leave their spouse but the timing is just off, they are saving money and looking to escape, how do they handle the day to day stuff? How do they put up with the constant bullying while they are planning to leave?

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Do something awesome today! Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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