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I AM a fitness bully…Really I am.

It was a bit tough to swallow the few comments I recieved regarding a post I put up on Facebook recently.  But I have come to realize that even myself, whom I consider to be an optomistic, positive, uplifting individual does at times find herself in compromising situations. As a health conscience individual I find my passion at times gets in the way of people’s feelings.  I am still not sure if I should be apologitec in that sense, but there is a side of me that feels like we all need a good kick in the rear end to get jump started in the right direction.

Let’s not focus so much on what is said…but focus more on what is being DONE.  Let’s make a decision as a whole to move forward with the right nutrition, right mindset and better goals.  Take a few minutes and listen in as I unlock the secrets of using your mind and your identity to make a conscience shift into the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted.

Stay Fabulous!

Today’s Green Smoothie:

2 cups spinach

2 bananas

1 gala apple

1 stalk of celery

1 cup of ice, 1 cup of water, BLEND! Enjoy!

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Ps.  FREE HUGS!  You hug me.  I will hug back!  Xo!

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