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  • Stephanie B. McAuliffe

How to Use Change as a Superpower

There are powerful forces at work supporting our collective upleveling. We’re meant to evolve, to grow, to learn and to experience great things in life.

When things don’t work as planned, human nature has us want to figure out what we need to do to make something work the way we want. We hold up our own forward progress by holding on to what feels familiar. Damn, it’s exhausting!

The amount of energy we expend trying to keep things the same exhausts us, not only mentally, but also physically and emotionally.

The time we’re in right now feels like a big upheaval. I see people all around me, at every level, fighting to keep things the same.

Sadly, some people just don’t want to move forward. They’re unconsciously addicted to their hurt, their anger, the bad blood, and their stories. Chaos and drama follow certain people. You can’t change them. They need to want this for themselves. 

But there’s a powerful phrase – let go or be dragged.

The world around us will shift whether or not we like it. Change is rarely comfortable. Once you begin to shift, you may be pleasantly surprised as you begin to see the external world shift.

How will you use change as a superpower?

If there’s one thing you’ve been holding onto, be it a story, a situation, a grudge, a relationship, an old way of being, what might it be?

It’s not something to figure out with your head. Ask your heart. It will always speak to you with love, even when the answer opens the door to change.

Remember that the good you’ve experienced never goes away. It always lives within you. What you honor opens you up to the goodness to come.

What follows is a different way to contemplate change in your life. Moving through change with these in mind helps you to focus on what’s best for you, even when it feels challenging.

C – remain curious. Play what-if questions that open you up to possibilities you may not have seen. Curiosity can keep you focused forward rather than dwelling on the past.

H – Hope is good, yet it’s not a plan nor a course of action. Hope often puts you in reaction mode, rather than helping yourself by being pro-active. Hope may also keep you focused on what you don’t have rather than creating your future.

A – what action will you take to move you forward through your change? Even if it’s making a list of options, go back to being curious. You won’t know how the path unfolds until you take even the smallest of actions. This also gets you out of analysis paralysis.

N – negative self-talk will stop you in your tracks. Your ego is trying to keep you safe based on what it knows, and that’s all in the past. So, when the monkey mind chatter comes up, thank it and then let it know it’s not driving anymore.

G – gratitude. Even through the shitty parts of change, gratitude helps you to focus on the end result and goal. Do what you need to do today, that will get you to there. When you focus on how you want to feel, it makes today easier.

E – how’s your energy? Sometimes contemplating and moving through change can freeze you in place. You may not know what to do, so you don’t do anything. The best thing you can do for yourself is move. Take a walk. Get out in nature. Hug a tree. Your energy is everything. 

As quoted from Tut, “challenges only arrive when you’re ready for them, when you’re ready to grow, overcome, and be more than who you were before they arrived.”

Change is inevitable. When you choose how you move through it, this is when you get to use change as a superpower.


Stephanie B. McAuliffe with Her Nation Magzine
Stephanie B. McAuliffe

Meet the author:

Stephanie speaks, writes and teaches on the human condition and the impact of our subconscious patterns. As a coach and energy healer, she’s passionate about helping her clients heal their layers of trauma, and to live a life free of the constructs that have held them back. She’s the author of the international best-selling books, The Impact of Silence: Self Mastery Practices for Women, and The Message in the Bottle: Finding Hope and Peace Amidst the Chaos of Living with an Alcoholic.


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