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How to Retrain Your Thoughts

Setting goals during your chaotic life, can be challenging. Between catching up on chores, date nights with friends or family, plucking the hair off your entire body, reading up on the newest trend ‘how to get a six-pack in under 2 days’ or the fun weekly grocery haul that you have been putting off for the past 3 days, which has caused your spouse to eat the ramen noodles that you don’t remember buying… ever.  Let’s face it, life is crazy, all the time.

Because of this, the number one complaint I hear is, ‘I don’t have time’.

There is no app you can buy that will allow you to cheat and gain more hours in your day.  Trust me, I have looked.  I work a full-time job.  But some how I still find the time to do the things that many people ‘claim’ to not have time for.  I find time to read, workout, eat healthy, social media the crap out of the internet, spend time with my family, meditate/stretch, and shower once in a while.  So how do I fit it all in?

Now, the thing I want to stress more than anything.  Is the illusion that I am doing everything right all the time, everyday. That is just NOT true. What is actually the case, is I have a STRONG understanding of who I am, who I want my future self to be and what I stand for.  So although I falter and break my own rules several times a week, I have such a strong understanding of where I am going, that I am capable of getting right back on the wagon rather easily.  This is where I see most people failing.  They set out with BIG intentions that are exciting and new, and they fall off the band wagon, just like everyone else…including myself.  So what is the difference?!?!  We see this a lot with smokers, drinkers, binge eaters, gamblers… you get the point.  I would like to clarify something else while I am at it.  If you set out to do something BIG with your life, and you falter, break, give in, fail…who the hell cares??!!?  Just try again immediately.  Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect.  LET ME LET YOU IN ON A LITTLE SECRET…NO ONE IS PERFECT!  The only reason you see results with anyone… is because those people set out on a goal…they failed… they tried again… they failed again… they tried again… they failed again… and all those trial and errors got them results. It isn’t about will power or goal setting.  It has to do with their mind-set.  Who they believe they are.  You need to retrain your thoughts.  Retrain what your thoughts say about you.

So. You need to set out to be someone.  So although I can talk for hours about goal setting and writing everything down.  I think the basic understanding actually boils down to this:  Write a list of 10 things (or more) of things you are dissatisfied with in your life, things you want to change, things you have tried to change before but gave up.  Be honest!  No one is going to see your list! Then next to that, write a list of 10 things you aspire to be.  Then take the list of who you aspire to be and take it to the 10th power, and make it even better.  Here is an example….

How to set goals in total chaos

Now study your paper.  Study who you are now… study who you want to be to the 10th power.  Close your eyes and meditate on your 10th power aspirations.  Imagine being that person.  Imagine how it would feel to be yourself… but the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!  Imagine the light shining from you, imagine the radiant light, imagine people complimenting your smile and happiness.  Now take that piece of paper and fold it in such a way that ONLY THE 10TH POWER ASPIRATIONS ARE SHOWING.  TAPE THAT TO YOUR MIRROR.  Every single morning when you brush your teeth read your 10th Power Aspirations and picture yourself being that person.  During your day – every time something or someone pops into your life that makes you not live up to your 10th power aspirations look away, walk away and ignore.  NOW, ARE YOU GOING TO SUCCESSFULLY DO THIS EVERY SINGLE TIME, with every single issue?  Problem?  Choice?  NO!!  But this is the KEY, every morning when you wake up and reread your 10th Power Aspirations you get to START OVER!!!  What?!?!  YES!!  You get to start again!  This is a small easy way to reset your MIND…and CREATE an uplifting life for yourself!

Set a goal to be who you aspire to be…to the 10th power. I’m so excited for you! What were some of the 10th Power Aspirations you wrote down?


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