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He Needed a Green Smoothie

It always strikes me as odd how much so called bragging we all do about our children. I mean when I was growing up, I never had my name plastered all over the web regarding a clay project or “MOM I LOVE YOU” notes with 52 likes attached to them. I don’t have any funny face pictures of me with either of my parents up on flicker or instagram. I sometimes wonder if I am worse off, or better off because of it. Can one really be a functioning part of this society and not have any family photos from all those camping trips to the Wisconsin Dells or the crazy road trips to the hot state of Texas? I don’t even have a meme floating around (that I know of) of me with spaghetti sauce dripping off my head or of me picking my nose.

But be it as it may, things are as they are. And I am here to brag about my son.

Eli had spent the week with his dad, and upon being dropped off at my house, the first question I asked was, ‘Are you hungry? Need anything to snack on?’

I was obviously expecting a yes, because 10 year old boys are pretty much always willing to eat, when given the opportunity whether they are hungry or not. But my son actually surprised me by saying, ‘Yes, do you have any spinach?’ I quickly smiled, and responded with a ‘YES.’ And then he continued to reply that he NEEDED a green smoothie. And that is when I did a happy dance…you know the one you do in your head while your exterior looks really calm cool and collected.

I love that he is craving the greens. I love that his body is clean enough to know what it feels like to have nutrients flowing through it.

Amazing Green Smoothie Recipe:

2 bananas

1 mango

5 cups of spinach

1 cup of kale

1/4 pineapple

1 cup of ice

BLEND! Enjoy all the vitamins and nutrients!

green smoothie 1
green smoothie 2
green smoothie 3
green smoothie 4

Need to see how exactly these green delicious smoothies are made?  Click below!

Stay Fabulous My Friends!

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