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Finding Gratitude and Strength Amongst Turmoil

I CAN WALK. Seems like a ridiculous thing to say, unless you know my story. Oct 5, 2020 I went on a family walk. 10 minutes in, I tripped on the lip of the sidewalk and fell into a slanted water drain on the ground. My lower right leg completely snapped in half and I laid in agony on the ground as my fiancé and son called the ambulance.

It has been a long and frustrating recovery. But one that I am somehow grateful for everyday. I now understand pain at a level I have never felt before, and I made it through. I now understand having anxiety on a daily basis and what it does to your body, I taught myself new breathing and counting techniques that I had never known before. I now understand what patience really means.

When catastrophic events happen, people have two choices, to lean into the struggle or lean away from the struggle.

To lean away from the struggle means to ignore life, indulge in the situation and eat brownies and Cheetos all day while watching Netflix, waste time complaining, explaining and gossiping to everyone that will listen.

To lean into the struggle means to understand it, learn from it, figure out what can be accomplished and to PIVOT in a new direction while still following your path. During this time I wrote 2 books, started a 21 Day No Alcohol Challenge, built and launched a website, filmed and edited an online course to accompany my 185 pages Discover The Real You workbook I created for those looking to get sober and stay sober.

Mind you, I just started walking ‘normal’ about 3 weeks ago. I just drove for the first time 2 weeks ago. It has been a process. But it has taught me what it means to PIVOT. I have always wanted to write a book, but was always so overwhelmed with so many other things that I did not do it... this circumstance forced me to sit and do it.

To have an understanding of what you want to accomplish in life is the answer when things like this happen. I was able to pull out my 15 pages things to do in my life list ... (you think I’m joking) and I searched for things I could do while laying in bed for hours... within 5-6 days I forced myself off the medication and within a few days after that I was typing away on my laptop writing a book. I didn’t even hesitate... and the story continues from there...

I am grateful to be walking.

I am grateful to my fiancé and son who helped out so much (and gave me lots of meals in bed), I am grateful for the time I spent over the years reading into self development and procrastination, I am grateful for the staff at the hospital.

I look down on the daily filled with so much gratitude for being able to stand... even if it is still painful, even if I am still healing, even if it is in short spurts. I am grateful.

This is for anyone who is struggling right now. Take a moment and find out where and how you can PIVOT your life so you are full filling life long dreams, verse allowing time to just pass you by...

Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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