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Exercise Damn It!

I don’t care your age or your circumstances leave the excuses on the shelf.  This is your year, get off your butt and get to it.  Start small by walking or jogging around the block once twice for a few weeks and improve from there.  You have to start somewhere!  Take your kids to the park, take the stairs, park at the end of the parking lot.  The world is your gym, now use it to your advantage and get that heart pumping a few times a day.

When the average american looks at his/her life we see a 45 min commute to work, an 8 hour work day at a desk, a 45 min commute back home.  Then after all that we sit down at a dinner table, and then plopping our butt down for a night in front of the tv, only to lay down and go to bed a few hours after that.   And then you are trying to convince me that you are tired!?  Tired!  You have been sitting for the past 12 hours and now you are too tired to go for a walk?  Go to the gym?  Take the kids to the park?  Obviously something is REALLY wrong…you have done no physical activity to be feel so tired.  So it’s time to start making some HUGE changes…just get up and get to it. We are not meant to be sitting around all day, your body needs movement to survive and thrive!

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Stay Fabulous My Friends!

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