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Egotistical Piece of Shit

I would often find myself lost in day thoughts…tears streaming down my face just picturing the horror, imaging the empty lost feeling of losing my child. I had to forcefully push those thoughts out of my mind, physically shaking the thoughts out of my head.

It has been hard for me to write lately, as some of you may have noticed, I have been absent for a few weeks. I could not bring myself to write a post about my flabby arms or cellulite knowing that so many lives had been effected after the Oregon shootings.  I want to cry for those parents. Such frightened, lost souls laying in bed every night feeling like this has to be a nightmare…a really bad nightmare. The sort of nightmare that has you not wanting to get out of bed because you are certain there is a monster under your bed. How can I sit here and think that anyone would be interested in listening to my little rant or my strife when such horrid things have happened?  How long does one wait until life can fit back together again?

oregon shootings sabrina victoria blog post

As time went on, I began to realize that my issues will never really be BIG enough because there will always be horrible news that trumps my lame blog posts.

Now we are dealing with ISIS.

There is always something.

…Then yesterday happened. I was sitting in rush hour traffic, I found myself in my car, tapping on the steering wheel in silence, trying to figure out what else, what else I could be doing to better myself and my world.  I was thinking back to my grocery run earlier that day, I had bought grapes and watermelon along with some coconut water for my lunch.  I had gotten into the 10 items or less line and was behind a man who was dressed so nicely with a shirt and tie but was about 200 pounds over weight. I felt a sudden sadness for him because he was breathing so heavy as if his lungs were struggling to expand. I naturally looked at the food he was purchasing. Exactly 10 items. 2 bags of Cheetos, generic white bread, Welch’s jelly, generic peanut butter, 2 frozen pizzas, crappy sugar filled granola bars, double stuffed Oreos and a DIET Dr. Pepper. I was trying to figure out how someone functions off eating zero nutrition. How does the body operate if it is getting zero vitamins?  I found myself wishing I would have confronted him, would that have been rude?

That is when it hit me.

There will always be STUFF happening. Always. But my cause is bigger than just me or you.  My cause is all the people who I know and don’t know that have died of cancer, died of diabetes, those that are on handfuls of pills and medications, constantly sick and under the weather, suffering from sickness and allergies.  I am trying, in my own way to INSPIRE, spark a fire in anyone who is willing to listen.  In hopes that the people I am lucky enough to help will  then change the entire lineage of his/her life line and possibly save multitudes of people. I have always made this my duty, my responsiblity. I have always chosen to own my world, to be responsible for its wellbeing.

There is a mistake that most people make. They feel as if changing their lifestyle has EVERYTHING to do with them.




Stop being such an egotistical piece of shit.

I speak to people all the time that tell me how they ‘like smoking’, ‘like indulging in donuts and sweets’, ‘McDonald’s is all they can afford and they love it!’… they go on and on about how it is their body and they can do with it what they want. They almost mock the fact that I put so much emphasis on the importance of health and the importance of what I put into my body. WHAT they do not realize, is every single person on this earth has the potential to be a role model for someone. It could be your spouse, it could be your kids, your nephew, your neighbor, your work associate, the dude at the gas station that sees your lame ass walk in everyday buying a pack of cigarettes, a diet coke and a hot dog. So while your over here thinking it is ‘your right’ to treat your body however you please, you are in essence possibly losing out on saving the life of someone who may have looked up to you, if they saw you making HUGE changes in your life. Now you may look at that as silly, you may look at that as something you never asked to be.

A Role Model.

But what you THINK, is completely different from what ACTUALLY IS.

You will never know who you may have saved, who you may have kept alive, who you may have kept from being broke on pills and doctors appointments. We need to start realizing just how connected we all are. WE need to start realizing just how much we watch and mimic each other. Stop being so lame, stop acting as if life doesn’t matter, stop acting as if what happens is not your responsibility…because it is. Are you putting strain on your family because of medical bills? Are you claiming you are broke all the time but always seem to have enough money for cigarettes and beer? Are you STILL taking your children on McDonald runs, are you still feeding your kids ‘food like products’?   Are you refusing to acknowledge all of the articles that have been written on obesity?  On diabetes?  On Cancer?   What the hell is wrong with you? Your over here doing whatever the hell you want, refusing to make HUGE changes because it’s too hard…because it tastes funny…because your kids won’t eat it.  Lame.  Lame.  Lame. Lame. Lame.

You are putting a HUGE impact on every single person that comes into contact with you, whether you like that or not.  That is a FACT.  Your kids are watching you.  Your spouse is watching you.  Your boss is watching you.  Your dry cleaning lady is watching you.  Everyone is watching you.  When you start to make HUGE changes it will show…and people will ask…and people WILL change…NOT ALL OF THEM…BUT THOSE THAT DO … will be because of you.


Stop being such a greedy fucking person. OWN UP.

Each day you sit around and pretend like you have no influence in your world, each day you decide to not take responsibility for the people around you, is a day you are wasting, and is a day you could have said just the right thing to the right person to inspire them to start making some changes. Stop letting it seem as if you have no control, stop using lame excuses as to why you have the unhealthy habits you have. Take control of your life. Take responsibility for every single person that comes into contact with you. Have a positive influence on every single person…we have the ability to make HUGE changes, if we all just took responsibility for our own world.  OWN UP.  DO SOMETHING AWESOME TODAY.

Ps.  Step one:  Forward and Share this post to keep the inspiration and ass kicking going.

Lots of Love – Sabrina Victoria

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Be awesome today.  Even if everyone else sucks.

Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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