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Eat Slower- Get Healthy- Lose Weight

Hello My Friends!  I promised 5 steps to a healthier life, here is number 2 !

Eat slower! Stop imaging yourself racing the booth next to you when your dinner plate is set in front of you at a restaurant.  Take the time to savor and enjoy your food.  Stop eating in front of the tv, not only do you completely lose track of how much you have eaten, whether or not you were full 10 bites ago, but you are not even paying REAL attention to the taste of your food.  So not only are you stuffing yourself to the brim, but you are barely even enjoying any of it to it’s fullest.  It is basically a LOSE/LOSE…and I hate losing!  I seek out winners in all aspect of life, people who are going somewhere, people who are looking to be someone, someone bigger than they even know right now.

Getting healthy is the first step to gaining back the control over your body and what you can accomplish with unwavering energy and joy, you will dazzle and be able to take on anything that comes your way because you won’t be so weighed down by all these high fat, high carb foods that you are normally taking out.

Make an effort, follow the steps.  Make sure you subscribe to my channel for more inspiring tips on how to be healthy, and become the best you you can possibly be.  The BEST you is in there somewhere, but for some of you, the BEST you is stuck under a weight of not only fat but foods that weigh and slow you down.  Foods that make you tired way before your bed time.  Make a difference in your life today, make a change today.  A change for the better!

Stay Fabulous My Friends!  And don’t forget to subscribe, it’s good for my confidence.

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