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Dreamsicle Smoothie- The Remix

One of the many things I notice about myself is the fact that I hesitate to make decisions.  Smirk if you are in that same boat. (I thought so)

I don’t do it on purpose, I just have this overwhelming feeling that everything HAS to be absolutely perfect before I can reveal the FINAL PRODUCT.  However, for the last few years…I have been refusing to live that way anymore.  No matter how unsure, or how uncomfortable I am .  Which is why if you have ever seen my youtube videos you may have thought.

“What the hell… did she even comb her hair today…or this week?”

“Why is she babbling on and on?  Didn’t she already say that 5 minutes ago?”

You see, I realized that I put things off…and the more I put them off, the farther and farther the final product gets delayed out.  I found that the more perfect I was wanting my videos to be, the longer it was taking me to ACTUALLY upload one.  I was feeling all weird and anxious about what people would say, how they would judge me, laugh at me, or just the fear of them losing interest after 30 seconds.

But when I sit back and think of all the things I have done…getting in front of a class of 30+ students to teach spin classes while sweat dripped down my face, teaching step classes wondering if my ass was starting to sweat showing visible ‘Hey it looks like she peed her pants.’ lines, my youtube videos,  getting in front of a sales force to teach and train, presenting new innovative ways to make money to upper management…all things I would have LOVED to postpone because it was outside my comfort zone.  All things that made my heart beat a bit faster… the fear of people’s judgements.

But you have to look at it this way, people TALK…they always have…and ALWAYS will.  You can’t let that fact keep you from doing what you love. Find people that support you and your cause…and push for what you believe…not just today…but every single day you wake up.

So I have put all those negative thoughts aside… and I am just out here.

Raw. Real. Vunerable.

So before you sit here and judge the colors on my blog, or the fact that the sidebars are all screwy…or the fact that I have a lace bra hanging in the background of one of my videos (have fun finding that one)…realize that I am refusing to wait until everything is perfect before I can speak my mind.  I have stuff to say…important stuff…stuff I believe could change the lives of so many people.  I don’t believe that everything around me has to be picture perfect before I let my message out.   It’s not about the presentation, it’s about the content.

With that.  I uploaded a youtube video made by my son called Dreamsicle Smoothie and although it is a fantastic recipe I always felt it needed an extra boost!  So I am adding 1 1/2 cups of pineapple to the recipe.  It was not quite perfect when I filmed it, edited it…and uploaded it.  But I am changing my mind, because…I can. 

So watch the video.  Add the pineapple, and let me know what you think!

Stay Fabulous.

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