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Did You Say ‘The Easiest and Best Tasting Salad Ever’?

Why yes….yes I did.

Hello my fabulous friends!  So I was making one of my favorite recipes, Salmon and Pesto with Asparagus, yesterday evening.  As many of you know, I don’t cook a whole lot any more, I lead a mostly raw vegan lifestyle, emphasis on the ‘mostly’.  So because of that, I do not use the oven much, and did not for the longest time own an oven mitt.

Until recently, and this so called ‘oven mitt’ almost got my fingers burnt off today!  After pulling my salmon from the oven, taking a spatula to ease it out of the pan and on to my plate, I felt a very very warm…and then hot…and then burning sensation around my finger tips.  I quickly put the pan down to see a HUGE flame rocketing up from my oven mitt.  I threw it toward the sink, missed, and then stomped on the flame.  My friends, this is how forest fires start, seriously.  This was the closest to ‘scary’ I have ever gotten in my kitchen.  If this is not a GREAT reason to cook less and eat more raw, I don’t know what is!  However, after catching my breath I ate…a delicious salmon, asparagus and arugala salad.  Yum.

Burnt Oven Mitt

I actually suffered some minor burns believe it or not…that is an actual hole in my mitt, and to make things worse, ash flew up and left three burns on my arm.  Crazy.  I thought the whole point of oven mitts was to NOT get burned…maybe make these somewhat fire resistant.  Unbelievable. It took me about 5 years to finally purchase this piece of crap…let’s see how long it takes me to get to the store and by another.

Anyway, on to the topic at hand (A GREAT RECIPE YOU DON’T EVER NEED TO WORRY ABOUT BURNING THE HOUSE DOWN WITH), a delicious salad!!!  This one happens to be one of my favorites!  You are guaranteed to love this one.  Check out my youtube video BELOW for the super short recipe!

Also after you are done with that feel free to check out my personal Pinterest site for AWESOME ideas and motivation on how to stay super fit and sexy all year round.  It’s very important to always keep individuals around you that are on the same mission as you.  If you are on a mission of health and wellness then I am here for you!  Keep in touch…subscribe and check in anytime for more tips and tricks on staying fit!


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