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Defining Who You ARE and What That Means

Today we have a fantastic guest speaker Isabel Draughon! Isabel is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Loud Whisper Reignite, your voice; she is a life, transformational mental fitness coach, and spiritual mentor. She works with entrepreneurs and purposed-driven women who, despite their success, have lost their voice. And the connection to the essence of the inner being, the core of who they are.

Struggling to answer the question WHO AM I Isabell guides them to connect to their heart and intuition. To unearth deeply held beliefs, desires, and their perception of themselves to know who they are, find joy, peace, and freedom to write their own story.

More on Isabel here:

Podcast Topics:

What does that meant to you? Who Am I?

Where does your desire to continue to strive toward a vibrant lifestyle come from?

What are 2 of the greatest lessons that your life has taught you?

Private coaching company: Loud Whisper Reignite. Explain what that means and what you do?

What is your main focus in what you are trying to push into your universe?

What is the difference between self-help and self-realization?

For individuals that are looking to get into learning more about self-development, what are two books you would recommend to them?

You run Loud Whisper Reignite, but you also run another company with your husband. Do you mind sharing a few secrets on how you make that work? Separating business and personal?

How long have you been married?


What are a few things that you practice daily to keep yourself on point?

Last Lightening ROUND! 5 questions:

Chicago hot dog or Chicago pizza?

Find a spider in your home, kill it or set it free?

Non-alcoholic drink of choice?

Favoriate vegetable

All time favorite band

What would be your #1 advice to all the single mom’s out there that are struggling mentally and emotionally?


Sabrina Victoria tells compelling stories with and about real people. The Her Version Podcast is an American Podcast that airs at minimum 2 times a week, every Tuesday and Thursday with special guests. The show provides bold story telling in order to inspire, uplift and give hope to those struggling today. We upload new videos every day, so make sure you subscribe and ring the bell for all notifications, so you don't miss a single one.

Full episodes contain an interview, or multiple interviews with coaches, doctors, public safety officials, teens, parents, and more. Her Version podcast is powered by the human transformation company, Human Better 365 and is used to provide comprehensive steps to its viewers about personal and social issues. Her Version Podcast also holds Round Table Events with several women at one time speaking on a specific subject in order to openly discuss struggles and triumphs. Sabrina Victoria is a top female speaker in the human transformation, time management and organization arena and attracts thousands of viewers every day alongside her other companies and projects, including but not limited to Sober Society and Human Better 365. Sabrina Victoria makes regular appearances on Narcissistic Apocalypse with Brandon Chadwick, UpJourney, Healing Soul School with Christine Cardoza, 5 Things I Wish, Authority Magazine,, Mentor Pro, HalfStack Magazine and Thrive Global.

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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