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Creating Boundaries as an Empath

Join Sabrina Victoria and Kimberley Cook as we talk real talk about setting boundaries in life!!

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of Her Version. A podcast dedicated to hearing stories of struggle to triumph. A platform that allows individuals to tell their truth in order to inspire and uplift others. I am your host Sabrina Victoria, if you are new to this podcast make sure you follow, like, subscribe and share! Today we have an amazing guest speaker with us, Kimberly Cook. Kimberly is a mother of 4 children who works in the world of empaths! Listen in as Kimberly speakers about the importance of setting boundaries, getting yourself out of depression and knowing when to cut off relationships that fall under the category of narcissism. She was once emotionally sick and now is living a vibrant life full of laughter, authenticity and contentment. Welcome Kimberly!

So tell us about your earlier years. What kind of child and teenager were you?

What sort of struggles did you have as you entered your adulthood (21+ years).

When did you decide to get married?

How and When did you find out about narcissism?

If you were giving advice to someone who was dealing with narcissism. What do you think is most important? To learn about narcissism or to learn about ourselves?

What were some heavy red flags during these toxic relationships that you ignored, but now you warn women about?

Can you share some of the things you have learned over the years that have helped you get to where you are now emotionally?

How do you choose to show up for your world?

So I know you coach a lot of women, predominantly about boundaries.

First off, what are boundaries

Second, why are boundaries so important?

What kind of plans for your clients do you have coming up?

What would you like to say to the woman right now listening who is struggling with a relationship that is toxic?

Thank you so much for joining us here on Her Version. If you have an amazing story to share of struggle to triumph, be sure to reach out to me here or at I am your host, Sabrina Victoria, and I am so grateful to be here sharing a platform that allows people to share their truth, and inspire others!. Have an amazing day. Much love!

Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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