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Cottage Cheese Thighs – Take Three

Welcome back you freakin awesome Women Warriors!!  You all ROCK my world!  I look around sometimes and think to myself…look at all we have done!  All these people exist because of us!  You and me ladies, that’s right, we are the real Warriors here.  Pushing actual human life out of our tight godly vaginas every single day like the Rock Stars we are…reproducing and creating like a bunch bad asses!  We need to start wearing our heads higher and shifting our shoulders back.  Be proud of that!!  Hell Fucking Yeah!  Don’t get so down on yourself, stop taking yourself so seriously!  Enjoy being alive, and take a moment to take it all in!  We are the true rulers of this world.

I went to go see Straight Out Of Compton last night with my fiance.  Is anyone else having trouble getting ahold of their white-boy-man and getting him to realize he is not from the hood?  My man officially has started rapping about house hold products like tin foil, not being able to find the remote control, Applebee’s and I think I heard one this morning about not having any more toilet paper on the roll.  I am hearing background noise of old NWA songs and lots of interesting slang terms, that quite honestly I can’t even comprehend.  I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed the movie.  But I’m not looking into investing in a tube top and a gold chain anytime soon.  Although I know I could come up with some pretty rad funkalicious raps about hate and betrayal, I think I’m going to stick to singing karaoke to Justin Bieber in my car for now.  Word up boo!

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Pss. In case you live on the planet mars and have no clue what the Straight Out of Compton movie is…check out this video…

Anyway, back to the AWESOME matter at hand.  My super fun and super eventful weight loss journey.  Two weeks ago I weighed in at 152 glorious pounds of luscious dimply ass fat (for those of you that are following my journey you know I made that word up two weeks ago, for those that are just joining me…just another reason to subscribe…learning new awesome made up terms that will have people thinking, ‘Wow, she is so sophisticated.’  Yes.  The learnership here is real my friends, just like Pamela Anderson’s boobs).  The week after that, I didn’t budge one single pound.  This week, I kept my promise and stopped inserting food in my mouth by 11pm every night for 7 nights, and I was in bed with my eyes closed every night by 1am.  Note:  After 11pm, I did still drink water/tea in order to keep myself preoccupied while I worked.  The results?!!?!?

First, I would like to start out by saying I do not own a scale.  I think scales are stupid, and honestly it’s not about how much you weigh, it’s about how you feel.  I know that sounds super cliché and you may be tossing an eye roll my way, but it’s the truth.  Deal with it.  Weight loss is only a side effect that happens to our body once we start taking care of ourselves better.  And you need to remember that muscle weighs more than fat.  There has been several times in my life when my pant size measured at a size 4, but the scale said I was 140 pounds.  WHAT?!?!


Yeah.  Lots of people would gasp when they heard how much I weighed, some would even argue with me.  For some reason the ideal weight for a woman has always been around 120 pounds.  Correct me if I am wrong, but that has always been the golden number that girls pranced around…and 75% of the time I would hear that number float from one of my fellow females lips I would cringe as I looked at her waist line, knowing she was lying through her teeth.  Why does it matter how much we weigh?  It doesn’t, it is something that society has made us live by.  The number on the scale looks back at us, and tells us how to feel about ourselves.  And when the number is too high we restrict calories, start buying so-called diet foods…and worse yet we start skipping meals all together.  But it really makes no sense, we are all different sizes, heights, boob size, dick size, ass size.  I gain most of my weight around my belly, just like my mom, while I have a friend that gains her weight on her butt and thighs and another who has a waist half that of mine but her boobs are a whopping E…while mine are a C.  So how does all this correlate into one number on a scale?  It doesn’t.

sabrina vicotira got fat

So stop getting all wrapped up in what the number is…and start concentrating more on just eating healthier and getting in a good amount of exercise a day.  I know just a few weeks ago, I was concentrating a lot on how I looked, but quite honestly the real reason I am needing to put my foot down is because of the lack of energy and just overall self-confidence. (Click here to read my first entry of my journey)  I feel better, walk taller when I am healthier.  I have allowed myself to spiral down a path that I am not happy with, and I am determined to get my old self back again.  I realize all this takes time.  And I wanted to blog about this, because I wanted to show you that working out for one week, or two weeks or even three weeks will not make a HUGE impact in what you see in the mirror.  You HAVE to…and MUST keep going in order to see and feel all the results.  It IS A SLOW process.  Results for health takes time and lots of patience.  But don’t concentrate so much on what the scale says, concentrate more on the fewer headaches, more energy, happier moods.

So with all that being said…

I did weigh myself.

I had to go to my local super market to do this.  They have a HUGE scale in the front area that Eli weighs himself on every single time we go in. Check out this bad boy!

sabrina victoria weight loss blog

How much weight lost?  2 pounds.  Does that even count?  I have no idea, most women fluctuate in weight 5 pounds give or take a period or two.  But I’m calling this week a freaking victory.  Hell yeah!  Back off Kristie Alley I’m coming for you!

sabrina victoria scale weight gain loss

Quite honestly I was thrilled that the number went down and not up. I was starting to get a bit nervous after last weeks pictures proved that I was not seeming to have ANY success with my weight loss.  This week I plan on sticking to the same regiment.  Stop eating by 11pm, in bed by 1am.  However, my morning workout routines are going to be a bit more intense this week.  I started out fairly light because I did not want to shock my body too much…or be too sore because I have to be full funtionable for work.  I could not risk being overly exhausted or sore.  Now that I have the routine down and my body is use to the workouts I will be pushing myself a tad bit harder this week.

Lots of Love – Sabrina Victoria

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I just invested $12.00 to buy this awesome Ankle Wallet to stick my money/keys in when I work out at the park I am loving it!!!

Mark’s Daily Apple is a great place to go for nutritional advice on how to eat right and feel good!

Be awesome today.  Even if everyone else sucks.

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Do something awesome today.

Much love,

Sabrina Victoria

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