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Can An Empath Turn Into A Narcissist?

Have you ever wondered whether or not you are a narcissist? Maybe you got the whole thing wrong the whole time? I know I went through this when I first exited my last narc relationship. This is also a question I get all the time from my clients, and other ladies I work with One of the easiest ways to tell is how open you are to talking about your feelings. Narcissists not only lack the ability to sit and speak about other people's feelings, but they rarely are able to speak openly about their own. Communication usually comes in the form of yelling, arguing, blaming, gaslighting, projecting... there is a complete lack of empathy. Although we all as humans have narc traits on multiple levels, a true narcissist lacks any and all forms of empathy. Listen in as I give a few more examples of the BIGGEST differences between an empath and narcissist and why they are on complete different ends of the spectrum. For more inspiration… Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Do something awesome today! Xo- Sabrina VictoriaMy website: www.herversion.lifeMy Facebook Page: Twitter: My Instagram: Snapchat: sabrinavtvMy Youtube: other Podcast: @sabrinavictoria

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