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Becoming Your Higher Self

Today we have an amazing guest speaker with us, Piret Betten! Piret is an amazing mother, an aspiring author and the owner of a holistic healing business called Mindful Life and Beyond. She challenges everyone of her clients to embrace and enjoy life to its fullest! Today Piret is here to talk about her 7 helpful steps to rebuilding after leaving a narcissistic partner.

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Podcast Topics:

I am thrilled to have you here and I know you have some awesome solutions and ideas for us as we go along, but first, I would love to set the stage for our listeners and give them a little bit of a back story about the struggles you had over the last few years.

You talk a lot about your higher self and being a mindset teacher can you explain what those mean? How they relate and why they are important?

What are the 7 steps to rebuilding yourself after leaving a narcissistic relationship?

What is some advice you would give to the women out there that are in the process of leaving their narcissistic partner right now?

Piret's words:

The Struggle I went through.

10-year marriage to narcissist, so it was 11 years of constant brainwashing. Finally left with my 6-month-old baby. I did not get to take any of my things when I left. Just my baby; shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops I was wearing; some baby clothes and one toy; my phone. He did not give me car or baby’s car seat. He kept my documents, my laptop and all my clothes and personal things. I did not have any money at that moment. I got only some of my things back after 3 years. That is how long the divorce took.

The Challenges in endured.

Rebuilding my life and my personality. Learning new skills. Rebuilding my finances. And same time doing my divorce and dealing with narcissist ex-husband and his family. And I did all that absolutely no alcohol or any kind of substances. Even no any type of medication. Absolutely sober through all the hard moments.

The Power I got back.

I studied a lot to understand the narcissist abuse. I paid attention to everything that was happening. Some of it I was on autopilot and my higher self was taking care of me. And I learned about higher self. I had a AHA moment, and after that I had a lot of AHA moments.

My Life now.

I am still working towards, where I want to be. When people say look how far you have become, I recognize it. But I still have more goals. As of now I have my own place and I am building my holistic healing business. I work with private clients, give classes and writing a book.

I would like to share with other woman, how important it is to also be comfortable and proud if they are only in the beginning or at the middle of their journey. And not feel bad or guilty of not being where they think they should be.

For myself I am most proud of being in control of my life.


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